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$1.50 Article ReWriting Service

Discussion in 'Misc' started by fent16, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. fent16

    fent16 Newbie

    Apr 5, 2008
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    Dallas, TX
    I'm offering my re-writing service for $1.50 / article. I have 100 articles already selected and ready to be re-written. Before I commit to accepting custom orders, I would like to work through this first set of 100. I will update this post when my availability changes.

    Yes, I speak fluent English (I've lived in the US all of my life, and I have a college degree). Why am I not just re-writing and submitting articles to AC directly ? Well, honestly I have several bills to pay in the coming weeks. If you would like a list of the article names that will be provided, just send me a PM.

    Details :

    1) All articles will pass Copyscape ! (I have a premium membership already).
    2) All articles will be between 400 and 500 words in length.
    3) No grammatical or spelling errors.
    4) No guarantees regarding keyword density !
    5) I will provide both the original and re-written articles for comparison ! (Obviously this applies to the first set of 100 only)

    I will require upfront payment of $150 via PayPal or EPassporte.

    I am able to provide articles that I have rewritten in the past and had accepted by AC !

    I would like to start working on these tonight and complete the set by December 5th at 9:00AM CST. This first set is first-come-first-serve, so if you want them, PM me for the list of article names and we can make a deal !

    Thanks !
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2008
  2. fent16

    fent16 Newbie

    Apr 5, 2008
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    Dallas, TX
    To save time, here is the list of articles in the first pack. PM me if you are interested !

    Dealing with Poor Performance from your Employees.txt
    Dealing with problems duing your next party.txt
    Designing an effective restaurant menu.txt
    Digital Signage Cost Analysis.txt
    Disaster Planning.txt
    Do you trust contractors.txt
    Effective Business Card Design.txt
    Effective Interviewing.txt
    Ethics in an Organization.txt
    Every Business needs a Crisis Plan.txt
    Every company needs rules for PTO.txt
    Every Event needs a great planner.txt
    Everyone wants to get a raise.txt
    Fighting Management Attrition.txt
    Font Selection for Signage.txt
    Fundraising with homemade pies.txt
    Generation X Moms in the Workplace.txt
    Giving Promotional Umbrellas to Employees.txt
    How most presenters use a podium incorrectly.txt
    How to earn respect.txt
    How to Improve your Presentation Skills.txt
    How to purchase a franchise.txt
    How to start a business as a consultant.txt
    Human Error and its effects on the workplace.txt
    Increase your productivity by utilizing office organization.txt
    Insurance Fraud Hurts.txt
    Internet Marketing Misconceptions.txt
    Is your business healthy.txt
    Is your company Fairtrade Certified.txt
    KPI and its Importance in Recruitment Efforts.txt
    Learning how to properly delegate responsibilities.txt
    Learning to Use PowerPoint Effetively.txt
    Low Cost Promotional Products.txt
    Lower Back Pain vs Kidney Infection.txt
    Lower your employee turnover rate today.txt
    Male Eating Disorders.txt
    Mystery Shopping the Competition.txt
    Nobody likes to give performance reviews.txt
    Paper Coffee Cup Advertising.txt
    Paper Records Restoration and Preservation.txt
    Power Protection in Data Centers.txt
    Print Green - Print Responsibly.txt
    Profiting from Internet Newsletters.txt
    Project Management made easy for Managers.txt
    Promoting your Business using leather portfolios.txt
    Promotional Gifts for Women.txt
    Promotional Mouse Pads.txt
    Promotional Pens.txt
    Promotional Teddy Bears.txt
    Psychology of Advertising.txt
    Reasons to take care of your event supplier.txt
    Rehydrate Your Dry Eyes.txt
    Revolutionary Marketing Technology.txt
    Science of Economic Crisis and Recovery.txt
    Selecting an Ad Agency.txt
    Selecting the best guests for your next event.txt
    Selecting the best topics for your speech.txt
    Selecting the perfect meeting venue.txt
    Selecting your Conferencing Provider.txt
    Sexual Harassment Law in CA.txt
    Six Sigma Failures.txt
    Start your fundraiser off right with booklets.txt
    Starting Your Own Pet Grooming Business.txt
    Success during a financial recession.txt
    The Importance of a good handshake.txt
    Treating seasonal allergies with Honey.txt
    Trends in Employment and Recruitment services.txt
    Tricks Used by Job Applicants to cheat drug tests.txt
    Using Six Sigma to Increase Quality.txt
    Vehicle Wrap Advertising.txt
    Vibrant Electric Church Signs.txt
    Weight Loss Surgery.txt
    What is a human resources coordinator.txt
    What is Gout and How to Avoid It.txt
    What to look for in a franchise.txt
    Who is really watching over your shoulder.txt
    Why is Customer Service so bad.txt
    Why Key Performance Indicators are Important.txt
    Why you need Human Resources Reps.txt
    Wrongful Death Setlements in GA.txt
    Your Role as a Manager.txt
    Achieving Public Relations Sucess.txt
    Achieving sucess in the automotive industry.txt
    Advantages of Bumper Sticker Advertising.txt
    Advantages of Cost Per Action Advertising.txt
    Advantages of Promotional Keyrings.txt
    Advantages to Hiring Independent Contractors.txt
    Advertising on Television.txt
    Advertising using custom luggage.txt
    Advertising with Pennants.txt
    Building Customer Service Loyalty.txt
    Business Ethics in Today's world.txt
    Capital Markets.txt
    Coffee Mugs as a marketing item.txt
    Conference Promotional Bags.txt
    Creating Color Brochure Prints.txt
    Creating Service Level Agreements using metrics.txt
    Creating the ideal project plan.txt
    Custom Magnetic Vehicle Signage.txt
    Dealing with an annoying coworker.txt
  3. fent16

    fent16 Newbie

    Apr 5, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Dallas, TX
    The first set of articles has been taken, I'll update the thread when I'm available again.
  4. whodi

    whodi Junior Member

    Nov 15, 2008
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    Full Time IMer
    "Dealing with problems duing your next party.txt"
    grammar error in the title, in a sales thread;)
  5. fent16

    fent16 Newbie

    Apr 5, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Dallas, TX
    It was corrected before the article was re-written..but thanks
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