1.5 months + 8 hours a day = My Product. Experienced person needed! required

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    Hey BHW,

    Ok so here it is, I had about a month off work and decided to put my writing skills and imagination to the test in an effort to make some money online. I created a site which aimed to pry neobux clickers away from just $5 measly bucks in return for the world (of course). I put a single advert on neobux which cost $130 and this got me 100,000k untargetted views for a few seconds a click. This generated 20ish payments via paypal, and 1 conversion worth $80 (affiliate revenue, and all can be proved).

    Based on this one field test I realised it wasn't exactly the cash avalanche I was hoping for, and since I didn't have any martketing experience I have just left it alone for about 6 months thinking I will one day get around to actually selling it when I learn the relevant marketing skills. That time is quickly passing and I haven't found any time to pursue this from a marketing standpoint. So! I am either considering selling it, or getting a marketing person on board to market it for a profit share agreement.

    This site took me a full month and a half working 8 hours a day to put together and perfect. There is over 20k words within the site which are all my own work, multiple pictures, a guide, a resources section, and tools sections for the users to get their money's worth on the road to making some cash. In order to follow the method they must signup to a free trial on another site (totally legit company and well known), and each conversion results in $80 (you have to wait 60 days for payment :/).

    Anyway, I would encourage you to read the sales pitch before I divuldge the method to really get a feel for the impact of the site's landing page. You will see that I am extremely particular about every detail both in content and style, so who knows it may even convince you! ;)

    It's actually a very unique spin on an old idea and is a method which passively hints at a realistic opportunity to make cash by just working hard, so although my achievements with the method are clearly embelished as you would expect, it is no scam (so don't judge me!).

    I'm slightly hesitent to give out the URL publically since I remember reading a few times on the site that you shouldn't do that, but I am very eagre to move this on now and really hope it gets a good reception and spawns some interest. So please post here and pm me and I will send you the link if I think you have got the background I am looking for (based on your previous threads/posts) If you have a good rep I will happily give you a look inside the rabbit hole.

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