$1,000 dollar goal through flipping and affiliate marketing

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    I've been designing websites and the like since I was in 2nd grade, so in other words, many many years. Over the past year, I've refocused and decided it was time to start making cash. I made about 50 dollars off of some surveys, got an adsense account banned, and have a couple hundred dollars scattered around affiliate programs which haven't reached their cash out allowance.

    One of my downfalls is the fact that I literally don't have a penny to invest. My neighbor's internet, friend's photoshop, and a 6 year old laptop is what I work with. Broke student here.

    The Goal:

    Flip all of my current websites, unless they start making reasonable profit. Then invest the money into new projects.

    Website A: Web Design and Internet Marketing Niche

    PR 2, 3 years old, hundreds of pages of content, 2,500 unique visitors a month. At it's height, 15,000 uniques a month. Abandoned as it wasn't profitable and I got my adsense disabled. About 10-15 subdomains, all focused on different services.

    Goal: Get a working CPM or successfully make a new adsense and make profitable. Sell downloads/put surveys on downloads for photoshop brush packs, gradients, stock photos, etc. Get to 25,000 monthly uniques.

    Keep in mind that this website has a giant footprint around the web and ranks in several keywords. 50k+ organic links, tons of graphics and banners with credit to this website.

    Website B: Pet Supply Niche, Formally Neopets Website Domain (lol)

    PR 1, 7 years old, 6 or 7 pages of content, 40-50 uniques a month, all search engine sourced.

    At it's height, 5-6,000 uniques a day, but this was with free webhosting and a neopets niche. Will add articles to the website, change affiliate links, fix up onsite SEO and do some offsite SEO.

    Website C: Facebook Banner Niche

    PR 1, 1 year old, 100-200 pages of content, 40-50 uniques a month, all search engine sourced.

    Never worked too hard on this. I'll spend a few hours making new facebook banners, do some offsite SEO, and then use friendadder elite and other facebook software to do my best on promoting facebook banners through facebook.

    Website D: Fitness, Weightloss and Bodybuilding Niche

    Month old, two domains currently pointed to one website. One of the domains, I'll point to a website that just sells weightloss products, other will just sell bodybuilding products, and I will hit both with an aggressive offsite SEO campaign.

    Website E: Gaming Bot Niche

    I'm going to create a bot niche website for a few games that I have profited from in the past, and separate these pages from Website A.


    In 3 months, I will have profited atleast 1,000 dollars from each one of these websites or each one will be sold until the goal is reached.

    I'll keep this updated.