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Dec 8, 2008
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Yeah you read it right. I been blogging for about 8 months now and I earn $1.00 every month in adsense, so in my calculation.. I can recieve my first paycheck in 100 months from the day I started blogging right? haha! I really have no Idea how to earn from this. any suggestions, anyone?
Get more traffic. I got banned from adsense and adbrite is shit payout compared to google.

I was making around 200 a month in adsense alone. With adbrite Im lucky to rake in 40 bucks
Hmmm... get traffic... simple as tat.. if you want you can pm me your website. Shall see what you're doing wrong and give u some advice.
I thought I had it bad when I made $30 in a year from multiple sites. THat was before I knew anything though and didn't optimize my websites.
Totally agree.

More traffic and more good content.

If you are into blogging, try the different Ads (those large rectangles) and skyscrapers - these work well for me in my blogging.

Then learn the different ways to blend the Ads (either match the theme or be extremely out of the theme)
I ran your calculations and yea, 100 months at this rate for you.

Ad placement / optimization is one huge key.

Start trying different placements and sizes and PLACES. Almost top left, center almost top, within blog posts, and at the bottom work good for me.

by the way optimizing my site bumped my ratios to 5-10%. Then it depends on traffic numbers and keyword payout ;)
you will get your check on 102nd month according to google's rules :)
Also if your blog is wordpress there's a nice plugin that slips your ads into random locations... should allow for a better CTR. I forget the name maybe somebody else knows it?
here's my blog.. http://www.technovember.blogspot.com

I know it sucks.. could anyone tell me what exactly i'm doing wrong? I'm no good with my grammars either..
The overall site layout looks pretty nice. Banner looks cheap. You can definitely incorporate more adsense within the posts and before and after. Maybe also narrowing down on a niche.
mind if I ask you guys... who among you here could be my mentor? haha! I mean someone who could guide me into internet marketing, that would be great..
Mods, please delete this post and the one below it from me.

Had a double post because I couldn't get attachment to upload.
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Well I just signed up for text-link-ads through your affiliate link.

You can thank me later. Ive been meaning to try them out anyways.

edit: reviewing their FAQ, you won't be making any money from my signup...I didn't spend $25 sorry! :(
Ok dude, here's the deal. I'm no whiz but I've read these boards and I did manage to put up a site after learning a few things that is now bringing in $3-4/day in Adsense off of 100+ unique visitors.

With your blog, I'm trying to figure out if this is your personal blog or if it is a blog for technology. The domain makes me think it's a tech blog but the content (article about boxing) makes it look like it's a mixture of crud. I have a personal blog but I don't put Adsense on it because a) I'm not that interesting and b) I like to talk about a number of things (i.e. religion, technology, personal stuff and sports). When I blog personally, I don't necessarily want to write about what the hottest gidget or gadget is, I want to write about what's on my mind. That said, you can use Google Trends to research the hottest topics going on RIGHT NOW and blog about those and it could help you out.


If it is a tech blog and you are wanting to make money off of it, it needs to target a specific niche with keywords/phrases all up in that mug. Focus on keywords that have a good KEI which means they have a good ratio of searches with search engines to the level of competition out there for that specific key word. If it's a high KEI, that is a good indicator that it is a good keyword.

What I did with my site was set those important, good-KEI keywords as my categories and began to add content based on those keywords. There are a number of ways to do this but you can look on these forums for automatic blogging stuff or you can just do it the old fashioned way - yourself.

Whether you focus on a specific niche or this is a personal blog - you need to be pinging your site every time you write a new article. Say for instance, you see on Google Trends that a lot of people are looking for "Hottest Technology Gadgets of 2008." I would write an article on the Top 5-10 gadgets and ping it with the title "Hottest Technology Gadgets of 2008". Most blogging programs have pingers built in but if not, use the Pingler.


I went ahead and did a little KW research for you with "technology" as the basic keyword to give you an idea of what you might be up against. You can take any of these keywords and dig even deeper within them to find a more specific niche. It's for your review to give you an idea, not something you have to use.

I don't want to mentor anyone, I'm still learning and a "pro" might come on here and tell you that everything I told you was completely wrong but what you've read above has worked wonders for me.

Like anything else with IM, keyword research is vital!

I'd suggest you read these forums for WEEKS if not MONTHS before posting again. Test some stuff out, see what works, what doesn't and once you get a good formula - do it again.

Hope this helps!

Attachment below! Thanks always appreciated!


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tough luck buddy. i have around 4 blogs and just made $6 today. 3 of them make good money, while the other 1 (also the one with most traffic :() makes almost nothing. So it might be because your niche doesn't work well with adsense ...
thank you for those who reply on my post, I learn a lot.. and probably on process on learning further.. I'm reading other topics on this forum as well, to all mods if you find this post non-sense feel free to delete this one =]
Yeah you read it right. I been blogging for about 8 months now and I earn $1.00 every month in adsense, so in my calculation.. I can recieve my first paycheck in 100 months from the day I started blogging right? haha! I really have no Idea how to earn from this. any suggestions, anyone?

sorry to hear that...dont let your low morale to control you mind..

now you got to think of some ways to improve it...

youtube...article submission...etc...

i am sure there is a suitable way for you...try it...dont give up... ;)

wish u a good success....
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