$0 to $100k Journey - With Pics And My Step By Step Strategy

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    Hey BHW Members,
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    I'm no noob when it comes to SEO and making money online. I'm also no expert by any means. I'd have to say that I'm in the Intermediate stages.

    What I'm setting out to do is to not stop pushing forward until I've achieved my goal of making $100,000 in Clickbank sales.

    Here's the sum of my total Clickbank earnings so far to show that I know a little bit about what I'm doing.


    I was self-employed through most of the beginning of 2011 providing services to website owners, and that is why my Clickbank sales never really went anywhere.

    I've decided that I want to get back to one of the main reasons that I got into IM, which is true freedom. And true freedom to me means freedom from clients as well. I currently have a day job + another project I put time into, but for the most part I should have plenty of time to devote to building up my Clickbank income.

    The Strategy

    I currently have only one site producing Clickbank sales at the moment, and for the first few weeks (or however long it takes to rank #1) I will be mostly working on only this site. The site is a review style site, listing 3 Clickbank products on the main page with the intention of the visitor to purchase the top product.

    Here are the current Clickbank Sales/Traffic Stats of the site.



    As you can see we've already got a little bit to work with. Serps rankings are already on pages 1 and 2 for the 3 main keywords I'm trying to rank for, so it's just a matter of bringing them up to the top.

    The main keyword I'm trying to rank for gets 8,100 exact monthly searches. So nothing crazy but enough to bring me in some income as the niche is def. somewhat competitive for good reason.


    My main goal over the course of this project is to master certain major SEO products on the market and then use them in conjunction with pay-per-order SEO services to rank sites extremely well in the serps.

    Currently I'm pretty poor, so I'll just be using the tools at my disposal to start. These include...

    SEnuke X (Older Cracked Version)
    Magic Submitter

    Long story short, even after I've started making some decent money through Clickbank, it'll be a while before I have money to start investing into other IM tools. So I'll be seeing if I can put the full power of these programs to use this month to bring my rankings up to the top.

    I'm already extremely familiar with XRumer, and consider myself to know as much as I need/want to about it already. I already know a lot about Scrapebox. I know a little about SEnuke X, and I just purchased the 30 day trial of Magic Submitter today (awaiting manual activation). So that's where I stand on that.

    My link-building strategy at first is to combine quantity with pyramid style linking. What I mean by this is that I'm going to be creating tier 1 links on a daily basis mainly using Magic Submitter and maybe SEnuke X. Also any types of links on High PR sites that I can get. I will then be blasting them like a madman with XRumer and Scrapebox AA links as tiers 2 and 3 on a daily basis.

    I will keep a list of every tier 1 link I create, and will continue to blast all of those links that stay alive. I will Scrapebox link check the list of first tier links every few days to remove dead links from the list, and also to add newly created ones. So I will basically be blasting the same list of tier 1 links day in and day out as the list keeps expanding on a daily basis.

    My strategy of course will get more in-depth as we move on, but that's the basic layout of things for now. Create tier 1 links on High PR sites and blast away with XRumer posts, profiles, and Scrapebox AA links.


    I will not stop updating this thread until I've reached my mark of $100,000 made solely through Clickbank sales. This is a way for me to stay on track without jumping from method to method, and it's a good way to show new people that this whole "internet riches" thing is completely possible if you work hard toward it.

    I will try to upload an updated Clickbank and Google Analytics screenshot on every Sunday of the week. I will keep an updated "Total Sales" text on the upper right corner of every post, and just to verify I will not be taking refunds into account. I will update this thread at random when necessary, but no more than once per day.

    Feel free to ask me any questions along the way.

    Let's get rich people!
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    looking good bro and i wish you great success
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    I never had any sales at clickbank but I want to try and try hard.. :)
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    You need to rank your site on top positions, why dont you invest your earned money in some services to rank your website?
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    Great post. I always had a hard time selling CB stuff myself. Wishing you good luck, sure you can make it...
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    so no updates?
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    I am also keeping my own daily journal. I wish you the best of luck