Are you having problems related to Facebook advertising (gambling, cryptocurrency, NFT, investment, recruitment, weight loss....)
Are your advertising accounts disabled or have limited budget? Page got restricted and cannot advertise? Causing sales and profits to decline.
Let us help you prepare advertising accounts with unlimited spending, come with linked credit cards, pages with restrictions removed that can run live ads. All you need to do is set your campaign.

1. Services:
- Advertising accounts with high daily spending limit $250, $1500, no limit. We will get you free accounts if they’re disabled
- No fee VPS (RDP), Adspower... (Clean IP)
- Pages with advertising restrictions removed (if you don’t have page), pages that can run live ads
- Advertising profile (changed when advertising is restricted)
- Support 24/7: We will support you should you encounter any problems regarding advertisement

2. Fees
- Under $300 : 7% for WH products
: 9% for BH products
- Over $300 : 5% for WH products
: 6% for BH products
- There are no other incurred fees
- Discount 1-2% for customers with stable budget of over

3. Advertising process
- First, we will set up your page and advertising accounts through VPS or Adspower. This can take from 30 minutes to 1 hour from the moment we receive the request
- You will log in and check the accounts to ensure everything is correct
- After checking, complete the payment and there will be 24/7 support if you encounter any problems related to the accounts

4. Payment
- We accept Banks, Cryptocurrencies (USDT, BTC, ETH...), Payoneer. We will update with other methods

5. Policy
- Customers can stop the service at any time, all unused budgets will be checked and refunded within 1 hour upon agreement with the customer
- You can change support at any time if you feel unsatisfied

6. Contact us
✅ Telegram : https://t.me/pmaxagency
▶️ What app : +84963932819
I want to know more about your services. I'm running but the profit is not high
Can i run any type of high Risk BH ads?

If yes then send me details via DM with a discount coupon
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