0$ E-Book ➞ How to find "BULK" Zero competition keywords that get Traffic! ✅ (Previously Sold for $36) ⚡ Instant Download

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Got a review of the ebook

- Very detailed guide
- Uses both FREE & low cost keyword tools
- Approaches it from a unique angle
- Some effort required
- Actionable tips, beginner friendly

It's an ebook worth reading

Comment "Interested" Below

I will send you the download link ASAP!

Comment "Interested" Below

I will send you the download link ASAP!
Just lucky enough to have a free ebook from OP and share my review after reading it.

This is an advanced keywords research, collecting, and managing guide. OP shared the whole keywords research process step by step, including the source to dig keywords, free tools to use, and keywords grouping. For any level of SEOer, from newbies to advanced, you can follow this process to do keyword research. Just a great guide to making complicated things easier.

However, OP didn't mention competition analysis, saying how to pick up the best keywords to target, and how to analyze the top 10 to determine the difficulty level. Not sure if OP will include that in another different course.

Overall, the guide is definitely worth your time to read and follow. thanks @RealDaddy
This is a newbie-friendly guide since it shows how to find KWs without spending a lot on tools.
However, I don't see anywhere in the book that shows how to gauge the KW difficulty. I mean, the title of this ebook is "Zero Competition Keywords...", but I don't find any part that convinces me those KWs are really zero-competition.
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