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  1. UmairHussain.CS

    Are Scientist really Confused AF now???

    Just a small question, these geeky and nerdy fellas are making Artificial Intelligence and Genius ROBOTS that might reduce the labor force. Are they thinking that this well help the humanity or make them Jobless?
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    War between SEO Strategist & Google developers

    I just want an honest suggestion from you guys, I'm learning SEO and find this field damn interesting. But do you think the strategies of SEO are like a hide & seek game. Like the SEO strategist find such tricky ways to boost out their contents while the Google developers always catch up the...
  3. UmairHussain.CS

    Breaking Bad or Brooklyn99

    I know i might be getting an attack for this noob question, but PLEASE do suggest me which series to watch next. I have watch the following: Game of Thrones Narcos Prison Break SHERLOCK The Flash Daredevil West World Altered Carbon Peaky Blinders Sacred Games The Night Of Stranger Things...
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