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    What does actually work on IG in 2022 ?

    Hi, I've been growing my two accounts in the past years with automation on Jarvee, I've stopped for 2 years now and my followers and engagment never stops decreasing... I was around 2000 likes per original content, I'm now around 150... I know some of this is due to instagram changing its...
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    Selling instagram accounts with Real followers ★ Various niches ★ 30+ accounts

    Can you PM me the list please. Thank you
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    How many people do you follow each day?

    How do you achieve this ? impressive.
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    [HQ] Instagram accounts with followers [HQ]

    Hi, I'd be glad to have your list with username and prices, thanks
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    ★★★Instagram VERIFICATION and USERNAME Service (feel free to post the username you would like below)

    Hi ! Can you PM the details and price for IG verification ? What are the requirements ?
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    [HQ] Instagram accounts with followers [HQ]

    hi pm me the list of your 10k+ account please
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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ USA 4G LTE Mobile Proxies ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I want a free trial Thanks !
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    Can’t post on IG - new kind of block ?!

    Nope... only Jarvee... Nope... only Jarvee... and we're talking about less than 150 follows per day and a post every other day with home wifi...
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    Can’t post on IG - new kind of block ?!

    I just had a block when trying to post on IG directly on the smartphone without proxy or anything. It says : «... Sharing your account with a service that provides likes or followers is contrary to the rules ... » Moreover, It’s a 7 days blocks ! Am I the only one ? What’s happening ? This...
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    Bot. Follow and Unfollow at the same time ?

    Is it okay to use follow and unfollow too at the same time when botting ?
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    How do you actually promote a facebook page in 2019 ?

    Well, How do you promote a page ? in groups ? by spending some dollars on every post ? Can't figure it..
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    ✦ Instagram Accounts Store with Active and Real Niche Targeted Followers - Many Different Niches!✦

    Hi ! can you PM travel and yoga accounts please ?
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    Selling INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS ★★ 8-50K ★★ REAL Followers

    Hey, PM me the travel, photography and food accounts (10k+)
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    Hand-Grown Instagram accounts with INSANE Engagement FOR SALE !!

    Could you send the travel account ?
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    Selling Handgrown Instagram Accounts | Various Niches | Real Followers!!

    Hi, Can you pm me the account list? Thanks !
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    Trying the child/fan account instagram method

    I was considering doing just that aha What would be an non newbie method ?
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    Is there a purge going on at the moment?

    Where did you see those reports ?
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    Is there a purge going on at the moment?

    Indeed. Lost 1,2k.
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    Is it safe to unfollow while following ? (bot)

    All in the title, Is it safe to unfollow while following when using a bot ?