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  1. da buck


    I haven't been involved in affiliate marketing for a while and I'm looking for a free tracking option. I used to use Prosper, but they cancelled their free option. Is there something else out there that's similar and is preferably free. I'll upgrade to a pay option once I start making some money.
  2. da buck

    [COMPLETELY FREE] Get 1000 Fonts - Make Your Photoshop RICH!

    I scanned in AVG and it came back clean.
  3. da buck

    How to get Facebook AD approved? Tips?

    FB is really tough. You probably won't get an add approved for a work at home product. Sometimes you can resubmit the ad and it will sneak through, but that's rare.
  4. da buck

    Facebook Cloaker

    I'm looking for a working Facebook cloaker. Does anyone have a working solution or know where to get one that works well?
  5. da buck

    Starting in PPC

    Try other traffic sources like Adcenter and Facebook to see if you can get cheaper clicks. On facebook you can make a fan page for UK Auto Insurance or whatever you want to call it and send traffic there first. Ads are easier to get approved to a fanpage, plus it seems that the clicks tend to be...
  6. da buck

    Want to Marry a BHW girl Any One here ?

    There are no girls on the internet.
  7. da buck

    How can work out FB new Secure SSL Url Rule

    I'm on my phone, so I can't look it up, but there is an app that you can use normal html without having to have the ssl. I think it's just called html or something similar.
  8. da buck

    Network With Good Zip Submits?

    For zip submits try ewa, c2m, and maxbounty. I've had good success with all of them.
  9. da buck

    Cloaking is good for?

    I cloak to stay warm in the winter.
  10. da buck

    PR7 backlink, auto approved and low OBL !

    I would appreciate the link.
  11. da buck

    Black hat CJ Earning Trick

    Most people don't know this and the ones who do usually keep it to themselves. Cj is very blackhat friendly. They love paying out big money to people so they encourage filling out your own leads.
  12. da buck

    Asking for a review on EAW Private Network.. But what the f*ck just happened?!

    Lol at all the self righteous posts on this thread.
  13. da buck

    HP Touchpad 16gb $99, 32gb $149

    I bought 2 of the 32gb from Sams Club's website this morning. I figure I can flip them for 200-300 pretty easy. If I can't I'll just keep them for that price.
  14. da buck

    Wordpress Theme error

    Worst case just delete the the from your server and you should be able to log in.
  15. da buck

    Facebook Ads HELP!

    You need pictures and ad copy that makes people want to take time to click your ads. You also need to find a way to target the 51% of the population that does not have your product. Break down your ads into smaller group ages and male/female demographics. You can tweak your ad to be more...
  16. da buck

    Maxbounty link help

    Check to see if the offer is only available in certain countries. If it is a US offer (which it probably is) and you live in another country, it will redirect you to an offer available in your country. You can also check with your affiliate manager. That's what they are there to help with.
  17. da buck

    What Have You Bought Or Done? [IM Earnings]

    I just bought some Chipotle.
  18. da buck

    [need]100$ a month

    What methods have you tried? Worst case if you aren't having luck with IM, you could go hang out on a busy corner and ask for change. You'll get way more than 100.
  19. da buck

    Is having a $2,000 spending limit a day on Facebook good?

    I had the same thing happen. I was at $100 a day and they raised it to $2,000. I haven't spent a cent with them in probably 6 months because the offers I was running expired. There is money to be made with FB, you just have to be creative.
  20. da buck

    Is any1 making anygood money on fb advertising?

    I've had a couple campaigns that I've made good money off of (200-300% returns). Unfortunately the advertisers ended those campaigns.