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  1. nextime

    Does KARMA get them who puts you through S#it?

    In my opinion karma exists, but it looks and works not so personalized as people think. It's something like ignorance level. If you are doing mistakes - you are getting feedback like problems or successes. All in our hands. And some things like hard problems is challenge for us to improve our...
  2. nextime

    Do you believe there is life after death?

    I believe because saw some of my previous incarnations, there was at least 3 bodies I had before current life. One body of woman. So I have no doubts.
  3. nextime

    Jeff Bezos is getting a Divorce

    Now I know how ideal business looks like
  4. nextime

    Does anyone have an undetectable selenium jar?

    Absolutely agreed, in most cases raw requests are working perfect and no complaints from that. They are using much less memory and working extremely fast, more opportunities to scale the work. About recaptcha. Special anti-captcha services provides opportunities to crack recaptcha through...
  5. nextime

    I've been kidnapped by aliens!

    They said religion is the best one, the most profitable and the most scalable
  6. nextime

    How to make Firefox and Windows faster?

    @Scorpion Ghost have you tried firefox ESR version instead of usual firefox?
  7. nextime

    How to make Firefox and Windows faster?

    OP, the advice to use SSD is really very good no mater what we are taking about - browser or other activity on laptop, when you will try SSD you will never want return back to HDD. My advice is that need install "ublock origin" addon, you can find that here...
  8. nextime

    REGEX doubt

    Oh, I have not noticed that It would be better to let us know about that before :)
  9. nextime

    REGEX doubt

    Red part: (?<=href=\").*?(?=\"\ class) Blue part: (?<=aria-label\=").*?(?=" ) Green part: (?<=t-normal">).*?(?=</p>) White part: (?<=icon></span>).*?(?=</p>) Works well, tested in notepad++, probably your software can require to make some changes (because there are differences in regex...
  10. nextime

    Instagram limitations

    Small report, maybe it will useful for others. Tried to collect 100k followers using android API and fresh registered account (no SMS verification), failed after near 30k of collected entries, now account limits closed (I can log in but can't collect followers), moving on.
  11. nextime

    Looking for free DDNS service provider

    Thanks, but they want confirmation every 6 months, I am looking for something without that I know about paid services, but in some tasks needed free only
  12. nextime

    I've been kidnapped by aliens!

    OP, you can be intoxicated by some things like fresh paint or something like that, another idea is that your friends just kidded and gave you something like LSD.
  13. nextime

    [UPDATED] BHW Member Levels

    Thanks a lot, now cleared at 100%, it should be better to put this information into this thread too: This moment wasn't enough obvious for me and I think for others too.
  14. nextime

    Learning Python.

    What programmer can do depends on language opportunities but not on popularity in kid/school communities, also it depends on programmer's skills. I'm sure that kids and grannies will not able to make complex projects because rich experience needed. Value of language depends on task language can...
  15. nextime

    verify email lists with python scripts

    I still can't get what do you need exactly, you have list of emails with passwords, and you need to log into each email account and only if auth completed well email will considered as valid, right?
  16. nextime

    Can I do this.......

    I can't say that because it depends on how heavy your scripts will be. Scripts might be well optimized or extremely inflated. You can try to talk with your hosting provider to get roughly digits about traffic for similar projects they are hosting on their servers. Another idea try to talk with...
  17. nextime

    Anyone know a good place/seller to buy 300-500 Instagram accounts from?

    Absolutely true. It's the basic recommendation for any kind of services. Tests shows what is real quality of goods or services.
  18. nextime

    [UPDATED] BHW Member Levels

    Guys I probably used wrong words, main idea that registered member have lack of permission to reply in thread, but at the same time have enough permissions to write direct message through private conversation. I see that nothing said about private message, just about reply in thread only. I want...
  19. nextime

    Anyone know a good place/seller to buy 300-500 Instagram accounts from?

    I'm buying accs here Sometimes they are bad quality, need talk with support to ask replacement
  20. nextime

    [UPDATED] BHW Member Levels

    Permissions for registered member: but at the same time registered user which have 15 posts or more have permissions to start private conversation is that acceptable to start conversation about task placed in the "hire a freelancer" forum section?