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  1. WizGizmo

    BHW is Broken. Wiz should be the most liked.

    Likes are nice, but if I took all of the likes I got and went into Starbucks, they wouldn't even buy me a small cup of coffee. :D
  2. WizGizmo

    [COVID-19] India Under Complete LOCKDOWN For 21 Days

    The trouble with that way of thinking is that you could unknowingly be at fault for killing a family member - especially someone older, like your grandmother.
  3. WizGizmo

    Whats an attractive affiliate program?

    You just joined BHW today. Hang around for awhile and you will soon be able to post.
  4. WizGizmo

    today i turned 50

    Better late than never . . . Happy Birthday Proxygo! :D
  5. WizGizmo

    Paypal account - stay with business?

    Thread moved to the "Business & Tax Advice" section.
  6. WizGizmo

    God Bless Indian Programmers!!!

    It is ridiculous to blame a bad experience on an entire race or country. We have many savvy members from India.
  7. WizGizmo

    A Basic Guide To Online Reputation Management

    NOTE: This is an old thread, and I am now closing it to prevent further bumping. THREAD CLOSED.
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    Zen19 - 40million in 10,000 Hours

    NOTE TO ALL: @zen19 has now returned to BHW and has asked me to re-open this thread. Welcome back my friend! :) Cheers! - "Wiz"
  9. WizGizmo

    Its That Time Again. Play Nice !

    From one BHW "old-timer" to another, Congratulations proxygo! You are a good dude, and we have been friends for many years now. Cheers! Your Pal - "Wiz" :)
  10. WizGizmo

    what bot software you are currently looking for?

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    Suggest me Group Buy Tools

    Group Buys are strictly forbidden on Black Hat World. This thread is now closed.
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    Child page account newbie - my first steps. Advice is welcome! :)

    Per @shetravels ' request, I have moved this thread to the "My Journey Discussions" section.
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    What should I do? Money Making Methods?

    Follow @zigzagzig's advice (shown above). Our "Making Money section has tons of great ideas/methods.
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    [GET] Instant Video Articles

    Sorry, but I don't have that file, and I can see that the OP hasn't logged in since 2016. Closing This Thread Now.
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    Can you dance?

    I can't dance, but I can play the hell out of a guitar! :)
  16. WizGizmo

    When does PayPal report my income to EU

    NOTE: This is an old thread, and to prevent any further bumping, I have now closed it.
  17. WizGizmo

    Great to be part of BHW

    Hello @Drakon and welcome to the best internet marketing and SEO forum on the planet. You just can't lose with the stuff we use! Enjoy Your Stay! :) - "Wiz"
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    Advertsafe Experience

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    Cloaking FB Ads for Trading Softwares

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    How do i start an Instagram Like & Followers site?

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