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    ChatGPT (Reply) The obvious answer to your query is... Just ask me..The G, to the P, to the T :p Just kidding with you Buddy. I'm sure someone will come along and give you an actual answer, in the meantime just having a bit of fun at your expense.
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    May I have the 24 hour trial if it's still available. Thanks
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    What was your first traffic source ( I made $600+)

    Loooong time ago- lol... Squidoo, Digg, Bookmark and Article sharing submission portals.. Those sites that would let you fill in the fields once and then you could just click to each site and it would auto fill and you could just click submit..Slideshare and similar .PDF sharing sites and I...
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    Urgently need $500 dollars a day. Serious reply and suggestions???

    Anyone that would come online here asking to make more money so that their girlfriend won't break up with them is doubtful of having any type of girlfriend other than of this variety or...OR... an even sadder scenario is that it's not just some pathetic bait thread by some 16yr old crying...
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    I've made over $86,000+ in the last 2 years with a very BLACK HAT method

    Maybe you can strike a v.i.p sign-up affiliate deal with BHW .. Every member who upgrades to V.I.P Exclusively through your affiliate link for the sole purpose of gaining access to your Product you'd get a small referral fee lol .. Not really gonna happen because they'll say the members have...
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    My Experience with High Frequency Trading + Auto Bot Software. (PURELY EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES)

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    My Experience with High Frequency Trading + Auto Bot Software. (PURELY EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES)

    DarthVader345 Newbie It's like you just invest money and the bot takes care which share to buy? When to buy and sell ? Interesting exchange... mmmm... I will be following this as well:smirk:
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    [AMA] Money Making Methodes

    Maybe He/She is French or something - lol But we get what you're saying. Perhaps it's from there that they also pronounce Money, MINEY ;) Just having a bit of fun, I'm sure it's just innocent grammatical errors.
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    [GUIDE] $100 Per Day On Autopilot - So Easy A Dog Can Do It?

    What this Guy said... Sure it's a innocent oversight . Any review copies or discount code if that $249 is indeed the actual selling price Anyway, I see there's a resurgence of these Guides coming out... What year is this ? lol
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    [CASE STUDY] How I Made $8,686.15 Profit In 22 Days From Adult Media Buying

    I agree, Don't usually read these long post as thoroughly as I should but I did in this case, without meaning to. The meticulous way you presented it reminded me off someone else that is near and dear to Seriously, great read and I can tell by your patience and willingness to test...
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    Today I became a millionaire. Nothing feels different.

    Oh Boyeee, Well, you feel different enough about it to do a press release on one of the biggest and busiest forums on the internet lol... waiiiiit a minute ! MAYBE Yeah I know , Just did it to motivate others and I'm a sceptic Blahhh Blaaahhhh Blah. Fa Real tho, Congrats on your...
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    Is it Wrong to posting links on BHW

    Well, you kinda already have a free promo of your site as shown in the image and I just gave you a free bump ( - :
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    How can I be Jr. VIP asap

    Well, creating a .. " I'd like to be roasted..and mercilessly please. Thank you " .. thread like the one you have here is a good start, now just start answering all of these silly satirical replies aimed directly at YOU, then just relax for the next 58 days. I guess reply's in the introduction...
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    $465,000 my first year on Amazon FBA.

    Congrats on your wonderfully unbelievable sucess tale my friend. #SALUTE # #muchRESPECT :D *cough* cough* Now, that having been said, if it was my first time doing a particular project and had amassed that decent amount in such an unexpectedly short period of time, I'd probably just shut up...
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    Hello BHW community

    Welcome to the show !