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    RedditTasker - Reddit Marketing Software - Bulk Reddit Account Manager-Bulk Upvote-Bulk Downvote

    I know OP won't recommend what proxies to get but whoever is using this, what proxy provider do you guys use? I heard a lot of proxies are getting shadowbans.
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    Reddit upvote bot nowadays?

    I'm wondering the same thing too. How good is this bot overall?
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    Shadowbanned for browsing using VPN/Proxies?

    Hmm so do you know exactly what triggers these shadowbans? I mean you're probably an expert at Reddit's algorithm. Yeah I used a VPN for browsing Reddit. I guess they're non-residential then. Are there even VPNs that exist as residential IPs so I can browse Reddit without losing my account...
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    Shadowbanned for browsing using VPN/Proxies?

    Has anyone encountered this issue? Whenever a new (or even somewhat aged) Reddit account browses or posts on a proxy IP or VPN, Reddit automatically shadowbans it. If I browse on my REAL IP, the account is not banned. I tried to appeal and half of those accounts had their bans lifted when admins...
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    Microworkers or similar sites for Reddit upvotes?

    Hmm. So I registered just now. How do I see how much upvotes cost? I just says not enough points.
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    Microworkers or similar sites for Reddit upvotes?

    Which Reddit Panel do you recommend for this?
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    Microworkers or similar sites for Reddit upvotes?

    Has anyone used Microworkers or any similar Pay-to-click sites for Reddit upvotes? If so how reliable were they? I hear that it's good because it's done by a real person rather than a bot.
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    Upvoting Reddit posts with multiple accounts don't work EVEN on Proxy IP VPNs

    So what I did was post on my regular IP address. Then I upvoted using 10 different accounts with a VPN on 10 different countries. It seems like ALL the time only 5 upvotes register while the rest aren't counted. How do people even upvote their own Reddit posts successfully with like 100...
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    Lack of Twitch Live Viewership services

    I don't think BHW sells anything like this. Maybe try EpicNPC as they have various Twitch services.
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    Do SMM Panels work better for shorts?

    Consider this. Youtube shorts are like 1 min long right? Most SMM Panels offer max 1 min retention and the low retention views come in very cheap. Does that mean buying views for shorts would work actually rank better?
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    Anyone had success with Microworkers and YouTube?

    WTF? That actually works? Wouldn't Google flag those views and delete them?
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    Does more views on a video increase click-through rates?

    Do you think psychologically speaking if a video shows 20k on the view counter vs 1k, would you likely click through the video more often? I wonder if purchasing 20k non-drop views would make a video look better so more ppl click through it. Obviously aside from thumbnail/title do you think more...
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    How reliable is OrganicPanel.Net?

    So if that's the case, then should we as BHW users who are looking for SMM methods to promote/rank a video just drop the use of this entirely? Given that YT platform is so good at patching anything we buy at BHW Marketplace?
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    How reliable is OrganicPanel.Net?

    What does Youtube do to patch it? I've heard about old ways to rank was to inject HR views but it was patched because those views weren't really HR. They became 1 min views instead. My guess would be the way YT patches those methods would be by making those views not count towards the algorithm...
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    imagine the passive money being made on these botted channels by doing nothing lol

    Wtf is wrong with you? He knows better than most of us. Show some respect to someone that actually shares hints to their method. Nobody here even knows 10% of what speedyallan knows.
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    Need some advice on increasing views - my channel is dying!

    How do you know if you're shadowbanned from YT?
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    imagine the passive money being made on these botted channels by doing nothing lol

    I heard about a livestream method for ranking is based on viewers just like Twitch.
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    How reliable is OrganicPanel.Net?

    Why don't you open up a marketplace thread and sell us ranking services that actually work? You don't have to reveal your method. We could just PM YT link and you'll give us the ranking.
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    How reliable is OrganicPanel.Net?

    There's literally a thread on BHW Marketplace for this. How good are they for ranking videos? They claim that they will send organic views and promote your video to various places. However, it's using external traffic sources so idk if that even helps.
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    "Organic views are better" argument on BHW

    Unless you can make them prove that they did indeed watch the 50% of the video.