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    [Ask] Peter2002

    Hey everyone, Thank you so much for your concerns and good wishes. I highly appreciate it! As Wiz told you already, I had some serious health issues. This made it impossible for me to be as active as usual. But I am almost back to normal. And knowing that some members miss my threads and...
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    For all those who were asking how i can make 2k a day.

    The member is not allowed yet to post links.
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    Happy Birthday Hexalor

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great party going:)
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    what script is this

    Moved the thread to The Lounge.
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    Can I bump my own thread in the DL section?

    @ OP: Why didn't you contact one of the Download Mods directly? To answer your question: Bumping your own threads just to get them back to the top of the listings is not allowed.
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    You'll find some info on this thread... Scroll through the pages in the 'Black Hat SEO' forum section and look for thread titles that include 'sandbox' or 'Google dance' for more info about this topic.
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    This question has been asked AND answered MANY times. Please use "SEARCH."
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    Help Choosing a Market

    @ OP: I would stick with 'Evergreen' markets like Health, Beauty, Fitness, Self-Help, etc. People spend good money in these markets. And those markets will be there for many years to come. That means you can build long-term businesses around them. Choosing these markets means also that you...
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    I begin IM with Yukinari's CBD2.

    The easiest is to put a simple disclosure right after your review. For instance: Disclosure: I am affiliated with aforementioned company and will get compensated for purchases made through my site.
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    I begin IM with Yukinari's CBD2.

    Be careful not to post method details from Yukinari's ebooks. These are paid products.
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    My Very Easy Method To Promote Clickbank Products Through The "Backdoor"

    Several members posted their success with the method. The most recent post is #87. The method works. But please read the entire thread before starting because I answered member questions on several occasions. And you'll find also some interesting input from other members.
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    My Very Easy Method To Promote Clickbank Products Through The "Backdoor"

    Congrats for taking action right away. And good to hear that you had immediate success with my method. :)
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    TWEET ATTACKS The Ultimate Twitter Marketing Software

    Hey Jay, Just downloaded the upgrade. It's awesome that "wait and reply" is now multi threaded. Thanks:) Peter
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    Click Bank Authors and Marketers

    If you want to, you can send me a PM with your most urgent questions. I am going to answer them as soon as I have some time.
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    Click Bank Authors and Marketers

    What is the niche?
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    Still being outranked after copying backlinks?

    Moved to "Link Building."
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    is it possible to rank for high competitive keywords in a month

    @OP I highly doubt that members who REALLY know how to do this will give you any tips. Think about it for a minute...Would YOU talk about your method of how to rank high for extremely competitive keywords in a short period of time in an open forum? I guess I know your answer:)
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    3 Very Good PLR Articles - IM Niche

    No problem. Go ahead, and make some money with it:)
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    3 Very Good PLR Articles - IM Niche

    If you are in the IM niche you might even consider to modify the content (and adding your own content) a bit and sell it or give it away as a lead generation tool.