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    StatsJunky is selling for $299 Lifetime

    Why wouldn't you pay for it? Let's say you bought it during this lifetime sale and used it for a year, it would cost you less than $1 a day. Let's say you spend 30 minutes a day doing all this stuff it automates for you. You mean to tell me your time isn't worth more than $2/hr? But even that...
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    StatsJunky is selling for $299 Lifetime

    I ran across this birthday special these guys are putting on for the next three days. They usually sell their software monthly for like $99 a month, but right now you can get a lifetime membership for $299. They claim it's the cheapest they'll ever sell it. Here's the link...
  3. B :: A free content generation site.

    superman: The plugin utilizes the wordpress framework. The feedersite script is a standalone site framework. Both use the JunkGenerator Content Generator via the API. The license key you have is for the JunkGenerator Content Generator, so it can be used for any plugin or script currently...
  4. B :: A free content generation site.

    BTW, during the beta trial, we're manually activating license keys, so just because you register for the beta, it may take a few hours for your license key to become active. It should always update to active status within 24 hrs, if you go longer than that, please contact support.
  5. B :: A free content generation site.

    Whoa there. Slow your roll. We have alot of people successfully using this beta, over 100 users now. If you're having an issue with your license key, let's get it worked out. You posted your support ticket at 1:49 AM this morning. At least give us an opportunity to make things right before you...
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    SiteJunk WordPress Plugin

    "Hi Boss I Really Like Your PlugIn But The Problem Is That Will My License Be Limited Or Can I Have Access After December Aswell" - billu512 So it wasn't a case of the service having limited potential, but that the beta license key he has will expire at the end of December. We'll be extending...
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    SiteJunk WordPress Plugin

    If you feel it's limited, PM me with what you'd like for it to do and I'll make it happen. That's one of the reasons of beta people, yes we're working out some bugs, but we're also using this time to improve/develop our tools to fit your needs.
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    Anyone Still Using Content Generators?

    I just released a WordPress plugin that utilizes SiteJunk's JunkGenerator API that will generate a WP blog post for each keyword you provide in a list of keywords. It usually takes around 3 minutes to generate an entire site's worth of unique content for the keyword phrases you specify. The next...
  9. B :: A free content generation site.

    No,we converted the demo over to only allow a select few options for keywords when we opened up the beta. Send me a PM and I'll get you a link to get into the beta where you can still generate content with your own keywords up to 100 times in a 24 hr period. If you think you'll use more uses...
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    SiteJunk WordPress Plugin

    Sorry, I don't understand your comment. Did you try using the plugin and it only generated 2 blog posts from a larger list of keywords?
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    Will google Bannned me from adsense if i make Auto blogs

    Google is a pain to deal with. Before you go forward with adsense, you may want to read this article by Smaxor that breaks down the affiliate marketing vs. adsense matchup. I had originally planned to do something very similar until reading that.
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    SiteJunk WordPress Plugin

    Hi folks, I just released a WordPress Plugin that ties in to our JunkGenerator. Basically you provide it a list of keywords and it generates a post with good relevant content for each keyword in the list. The content it generates is for bots, not humans. If you're interested in it, you'll...
  13. B :: A free content generation site.

    irancrude: I have just released the WordPress plugin for download. You can grab it at I just uploaded it like 10 mins ago, so give me some feedback on it when you can. billyh7: yes, I'm still taking on beta testers as long as...
  14. B :: A free content generation site.

    irancrude, I'm working on a WordPress module that will automate blogs for you based on the JunkGenerator's API. IM me with whatever controls you'd like to have. The current setup will allow you to put in your license key, paste in some keywords, and hit the "Generate" button to produce a blog...
  15. B :: A free content generation site.

    blackmagicmaster, what are you looking for in a content generator? Maybe we can change something that will fit your needs. Also, our testing shows that g00gle and other search engines eat this content up. Surely you can find a way to make use of that fact.
  16. B :: A free content generation site.

    Sure, just PM if you want in the beta.
  17. B :: A free content generation site.

    Sorry about that. We had an issue with our db server, but it's fixed now. PM me with your email address and I'll get you into the beta.
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    Anyone Still Using Content Generators?

    Granted I'm biased, but you should try SiteJunk. Today we released a script to the beta testers that will generate an entire website. All you have to do is paste in a list of keywords, modify a config file, and upload the script. It has cloaking built in as well. If you, or anyone, is really...
  19. B :: A free content generation site.

    Beta registration is closed. Thanks to everyone that registered.
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    SiteJunk Content Generator Beta Release

    Only 1 seat left. Emails will be going out today with more information on the beta for those of you who have already registered.