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    anyone have a service to see why im #2 and why #1 is #1?

    kind of similar to surferseo, but it provides more detail analysis. it is created by kyle roof.
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    anyone have a service to see why im #2 and why #1 is #1?

    check this out
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    IPtorrents invite

    interested in getting an invite as well
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    What is the importance of guest posting in 2023?

    and you are ugly and your mom dresses you funny! p.s. interested to see what your AI tool has to say in response!
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    Too much scammers on BHW .Beware!!!

    in seo world anything XYZ + crypto = scam p.s. I get a sense that over the last year or so, the new VIP created users (1-2 year old accounts) are part of team who have made it their goal to scam BHW users and turn this group into a shithole.
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    Could this be spammy backlinks?

    suggest for you not to disavow anything. just concentrate on getting solid backlinks. google pretty much ignores shitty backlinks these days... so stop worrying about it. where did you find this freelancer? seoclerk? fivver? BHW?!
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    what should i prepare to rank?

    do you have a sense of what percent of their annual revenue they spent on seo? what is the most challenging keyword that you have come across in this niche?
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    AMA about PBNs (setup, footprints, things to avoid, et al.)

    for the sake of not creating more confusion for you, here is my suggestion 1. only 1 link from each PBN to your money site 2. the link should point to the page that you care the most: your money page 3. do not point links from your PBNs to each other
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    How can I view the entire "Media Library" on a Wordpress Site

    you cannot. if it was that easy, than everyone would just download the whole media folder of other sites and starting abusing the process.
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    SEO noob here - need answers about kw and writing

    when you are starting off, one good option is to reverse engineer it. see what the top site for your keywords in shopify have done, and reverse engineer it. learn from it.
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    Suggestion related to "Report" feature

    for someone who just joined, it is interesting that you know about newbie selling!! what was your old handle?
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    Best Wordpress Plugins

    updraftplus for backups!
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    need increase DR UR method

    get backlink from and reach out to sergey, larry and jeff. all 3 are super nice guys. make sure you say you want homepage do-follow links
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    SEO careers in the future...?

    personal opinion from someone who is here because of wanting to stay on top of SEO for personal needs and not as a source of income: in future, being a SEO professional will be more difficult, but at the same time for those who make it, it will be more profitable. I think the key is to use all...
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    craigslist how to avoid phone verify
  16. fb3003

    Anyone share a thorough SEO Checklist doc?

    check this out:
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    Noob question about SEO for my site, please I need opinions

    yes, it is working from scratch; that is why azaan recommended directory approach. you are not starting from scratch:
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    Noob question about SEO for my site, please I need opinions

    using wpml, which URL format have you had the best luck with? talking about the formats covered here:
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    Fishing for an expired domain, what should I really be looking for?

    check this post by @Nargil
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    Can u manipulate user experience results?

    because he wants to cheat his clients