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    HTML Website

    Need a good looking simple HTML website. Max TAT is 3 days. Reply or inbox with your price.
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    SERVIKUS Pure SSD Hosting Unlimited domains and bandwidth Only $0.8

    Do you have any discount if I buy ultimate business hosting plan for 3 years ?
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    Best deal to get both domain and hosting for cheap?

    How do you define cheap ? What is your budget ?
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    How I made 50k on YouTube in 1 year

    Oh yeah kid we hear that.
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    How I made 50k on YouTube in 1 year

    LOL. Yeah, we just bought your shit.
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    Email Marketing Specialist

    No one can guarantee 100% inbox. I even see sendgrid and mailchimp newsletters landing into my spams sometimes. It depends on many facators such as your ip reputation, email content, spf, dkim , rdns etc.
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    Which VPN is best for google adword?

    Almost all VPN service providers share their IP with other users.
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    [HELP!] Hidden external links injected into WP site!

    I might give it a try if you provide me the download link of your theme's folder.
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    [HELP!] Hidden external links injected into WP site!

    The folder is legit .
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    [HELP!] Hidden external links injected into WP site!

    Its probably in the theme's .php files like header.php or functions.php. Base64 or reverse base 64 encoding is what I suspect.
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    FaceDominator 3.0 is here! The All New Facebook Marketing Bomb

    In for a review copy. ATM I do everything on facebook manually.
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    SMTP server for personal email?

    I can provide you one for your custom domain. PM or skype to discuss more.
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    Looking for Free Lynda Account

    I guess the thread has been moved to Jr.Vip section.
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    [Giveaway] Fully Approved Google Adsense Account for Free - 100 Nos.

    If the giveaway is still up, count me in !
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    Bulk mailer needed

    Is your email list clean, fresh and targeted for the CPA offer you want to promote? Add me on skype to discuss more.
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    How do I disable receiving email for every alert?

    Even if change the settings you will keep getting email alerts for the threads you were already involved with.
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    Need help with Google Adowrds

    Are you using the different billing address , domain name , etc while setting up the accounts ? If you want I can set up one for you under my MCC but before that I would like to see your website and your landing page.
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    Adwords Help

    Alright, then you should have no issue as far as it does not violate any TnC of Adwords. Feel free to contact me when you ready to apply a coupon.
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    Adwords Help

    I will advise you not to use the same billing and business address as that was in your suspended account. Even the same site will lead to suspension again. It would be better for you to start afresh using VPS. I used to run AdWords accounts for some clients earlier. Though I never calculated...