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    Beware if you downloaded

    Thanks for the tips. Not too much you can do if you have a keylogger on your machine either. Oh well.
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    Happy Birthday HaRRo!

    Happy Birthday Dude! cheers :beach2(2)
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    hahahahaha...What an EPIC Online Fail.

    Holy cow! That is an epic fail! $30,000 in two years! That's a seriously embarrassing pitch! lol
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    07-09-2010 6:30 gmt+1 proxy list

    100% up still. Thanks.
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    can find a proxy for gmaps

    Might be something other than your IP man? Did you just try Opera in Turbo mode? If that fails too then look for holes in your registration process. God I hate this forum at times: operaDoTcom/business/solutions/turbo/
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    Is Link Energizer a load of BS?

    The idea of stuffing a page with RSS data to keep it "fresh" seems wise now but how are you keeping the content unique enough to give it value? Plus any future-proofing efforts need to consider the lead time for search engines to get wise and ignore this tactic. Probably not worth the effort...
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    Backtrack 4 - Wireless card question

    Ahhh! Thanks! I love your avatar... reminds me of some moments mining lava.. ;)
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    Backtrack 4 - Wireless card question

    Hahaha! I'm sitting here wondering what "Backtrack" is?! I thought I was familiar with all the major distros.. Apparently I need to go look. ;P It almost sounds like an SEO oriented release! ;)
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    I need a writer

    Hahaha! I swear you're doing this just to make me smile! ;)
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    Wordpress help needed

    Hey that's a handy lead! Thank you sir, you've saved me some time! ;)
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    Is modifying Google's search URL "blackhat"?

    Been a day.. I'll bump one more time before assuming this isn't going to get any answers. ;)
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    Is modifying Google's search URL "blackhat"?

    Is everyone in the same boat with this question? Don't tell me I've stumped everyone?
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    Is modifying Google's search URL "blackhat"?

    Yeah I saw with some other SEO tools that it matters what data center you hit if they are calculating results at the time. With the last Caffeine update I'm guessing we'll have more chances to get mixed results? I guess the real question is: "If a customer asked you 'What position is...
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    Is modifying Google's search URL "blackhat"?

    I notice if I search for a site with the advanced options for google it puts: &cr=countryUS But if I add the typical extension for US local: It gives me a different search position (20 position shift)?!?! Is Google punishing us for using this manual tweak to the URL? How can I...
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    What's Your excuse for not being RICH??????

    No I'm trying to rank that Los Angeles IT Consulting site. Don't get me started on the focus. Some site owners need a slap in the head with a reality stick.. .. funny since the fellow's day job is getting paid to give people advice that they will likely argue with. ;) Heck perhaps that's...
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    What's Your excuse for not being RICH??????

    Bingo! We have a winner. When you earn all that you'll also learn why you can't brag about all that too.. Unless you inherit it all.. ? ;) My excuse for my lack of global domination is this dumb website Los Angeles IT Consulting that I can't get ranked at the top due to so much competition...
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    YourPrivateProxy does stop service

    I think it's really just you? I have no problems with the service at all? Perhaps you are making too much troubles for the $10?