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    [Journey] Quit Smoking

    good luck homie i hope you achieve to stop smoking
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    Don't take it easy ?

    A good advice thanks a lot
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    Nobody denies that Microsoft is great, what has been their best product?

    In my opinion i think the office pack is really good
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    Take it easy

    Sorry to hear that. I hope everything will be fine soon
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    Is there any way to make money?

    maybe dropshipping or building up a new brand. Think outside of the box
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    Have a nice Saturday

    Nice sunday too you! Nice thread
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    [Motivation Thread] What Are You Grinding For?

    Im grinding for money
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    What's your GOAL for the rest of 2022?

    To build up a business that makes 2-4k a month
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    Why tiktok ban ad of casino ?

    They probably dont want kids to go to casinos