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  1. nutserious

    [500+] LinkedIn Endorsement/Recommendations Exchange

    I'm interested in this. I have genuine profile.
  2. nutserious

    [500+]Linkedin Endorsement Exchange

    I like to join this. Please let me know the process.
  3. nutserious

    Residential IP Technique + Question

    But to make a business out of this to sell residential proxies online, you'll need to get who knows how many boxes of these in your house. This technique doesn't seem a viable way to scale up to the size which certain proxy provider are able to. E.g. storm proxy who claim to be offering upwards...
  4. nutserious

    Baidu SEO

    The question is, does similar strategies work in ranking on Baidu as they are for Google? Baidu does give great emphasis on Paid listing and they kind of spam them for lucrative keywords such as, "Hospital in Beijing". Obviously, that in Chinese. Regardless, there is still opportunity to rank...
  5. nutserious


    Any folks from Boston -MA here? Just curious haha.
  6. nutserious

    Arriving to Boston Tomorrow

    Not into Baseball but overheard construction worker saying something along the line, "Yankee losing again". I've been skimming through Craigslist list but haven't thought about Facebook groups. I will be attending Northeastern University. Will check out Hotel Front Service Position. It...
  7. nutserious

    Arriving to Boston Tomorrow

    Thats like a 'real' job which let IRS be up my ass
  8. nutserious

    Arriving to Boston Tomorrow

    Hey guys, It will be my first time visiting the US of A and living in Boston. I'm going there to attend graduate school in computer science. I was thinking, does anyone know how to find part time job? Mostly looking for jobs which pay cash under the table. The cost of rent is flipping crazy...
  9. nutserious

    [JV] Out Source Agency Set Up

    > It's not just an investment or client, but it's a business partner. My purpose is not to portray as just another out source agency looking for contracts here. But rather have a partner to work with. > Those are my threads but decided to make a new one with clear format. > Yes the expense...
  10. nutserious

    [JV] Out Source Agency Set Up

    What Looking for a JV Partner who will be my business partner for an outsource agency I want to set up in my country. Why Want to take advantage of the human resource potential in my country and enter the rapidly growing out sourcing market. Benefit of having an Employee in the Agency The...
  11. nutserious

    What's the Asian country with the best English speakers/writers

    Hey Op, get in touch with me, view my thread here:-
  12. nutserious

    Paypal wants a lot of information from me

    Why were you even using Paypal? Haven't you read their shady business tactics? I'm sorry to say OP but you got nothing to blame but yourself for using Paypal. There are so many other Payment processor and people are trying to shift from Paypal. Hell, I know many popular sites which refuse to...
  13. nutserious

    JV Building an Outsource Agency

    I can't edit but I should have said PARTIALLY CORRECT. I'm not trying to show I already have an out source company set up and looking for client but it's different. It's like partner A lives who lives the East has the benefits which don't exist in the West; partner B who lives in the West has...
  14. nutserious

    JV Building an Outsource Agency

    That's correct. Instead of simply looking for an out source agency of the internet, you'll actually be owning the agency/company. It would actually be like owning a company instead of hiring firms on contract basis. Fixed monthly as in salary of employees instead of varying amount which...
  15. nutserious

    JV Building an Outsource Agency

    Will be setting up the manpower for the projects joint venturing people who are in the marketing segment of the industry.
  16. nutserious

    JV Building an Outsource Agency

    PM Sent Thought just occurred to me, with Trump administration in power, outsource work going to boom in the next four years! Accenture [Indian massive IT outsource consultancy] is already posting record profits.
  17. nutserious

    JV Building an Outsource Agency

    PM sent.
  18. nutserious

    JV Building an Outsource Agency

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who would be interested in setting building a JV to build a outsource agency. Like has anyone thought about, "man I have these clients and love to get my work outsourced, only if I had my own agency". Yeah, I want to build an agency like it by hiring...
  19. nutserious

    Facebook Ad Coupons

    Anyone know where I can get those $5 dollar coupons?