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  1. noxiop

    E-Commerce SEO: A few dubious questions..

    Hi forum, I am starting to build out an ecommerce store in the cannabis accessories niche (bongs, glass pipes, etc) and I have not built a eCommerce store yet so I am looking for advice.. I hope you can help. For one, how important is quantity of products? And on that, how important is unique...
  2. noxiop

    Follow Block Megathread for 6.4.19

    Any update on this? Is it still working with custom bot and good proxies? Does it still work with public software and low follow numbers (like 200-300 a day)? Thanks!
  3. noxiop

    Do Bought Social Signals Work For SEO?

    Hey all! My question is that of the title; Surprising! Does buying social signals for your blog articles and links (as tier 2 or 3 links) work well for moving the needle in the SERPS? If so, I am seriously interested in who provides the best social signals. I have seen cheap ones in several...
  4. noxiop

    Foreign Wikipedia Links | Get the Authority, Juice and Traffic from Wikipedia

    Good service! It is a no-follow link, but one with high traffic and high DA / DR. Nice link to have.
  5. noxiop

    Am done with SEO. Giving out my domains

    I am certainly interested sir! Would be fascinating to even talk with you on the subject of SEO. Curious you are leaving it behind. Thanks for this charitable post!
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    What are the free methods of quality link building that I can create?

    If you are looking to build links yourself for free, you are going to need to learn and fail a lot. Starting with Web 2.0 would be fine - at the very least register on social medias like tumblr, etc. To build links that will really push you can be done through mostly advanced strategies like...
  7. noxiop

    Are Links From Duplicate Content Pages Ignored?

    the best answer I could give you is no it does not hold value. I believe if they aren't indexing it in Google itself, it would not be weighted or in the database. This is my thesis.
  8. noxiop

    Using Tumblrs To Get Backlinks - My Worst Video Ever By Far

    Anyone know a good expired Tumblr seller? If so, please pm. Thanks!
  9. noxiop

    Tier 2 backlinks still improve ranking?

  10. noxiop

    Talented HQ Graphic Artist Needed...

    Looking for a very talented digital artist. Preferably with a lot of experience! Reply with samples of work / portfolios.
  11. noxiop

    6 Backlinks of quality

    I am cautious on whether these would help any. I thought google doesn't value profile links?
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    Shopify 60 day trial link

  13. noxiop

    [Email] Journey to Banking Hard with Email Lists

    Awesome journey. We have been missing some good email journeys! Would love to help any I can and to keep updated on your progress. I've only done outbound email marketing for lead gen and link building.
  14. noxiop

    SEO effect from backlinks on sites with traffic?

    This is a hard one. I am very interested in the conclusion found by other SEOs. Bigger high traffic websites will give a great boost. I have seen 3 - 4 really nice backlinks double a sites traffic. No traffic PBNs seem like they are going out of the window pretty soon imo.
  15. noxiop

    What is the best email grabber / sender? is good for web-based sender.
  16. noxiop

    What is the best email grabber / sender?

    The above seems fake to me. Gammadyne Mailer is pretty good for sending. TEAR can harvest and send, but you probably want to use a diff sender than grabber.