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  1. khawk1

    I resigned from my job today

    If your programming skills are good, i would look into developing wp plugins. Congrats and good luck.
  2. khawk1

    Wordpress theme for Health website

    Personally, I recommend Hello Elementor for any website more or less, as it's a blank slate, and you can do whatever you need after you install elementor pro. Another option is Astra. But I always use elementor, as you can create anything you need fairly simple.
  3. khawk1

    Any service offers for blog or movies streaming website building?

    Go to Fiverr. You can have someone make you a good site for 25USD.
  4. khawk1

    How to create amazing videos?

    You can do this on Filmora or any other video editing software. Really it's not hard just requires a little work on your part. Good luck :-)
  5. khawk1

    Vidnami (content samurai) alternatives?

    Haven't used Vidnami in almost 1 year... What is the problem with that? Update. Googled the answer! Here is a link with a few potential alternatives for you.
  6. khawk1

    No Traffic On Amazon Niche Site

    I am not adding links on social media as backlinks, but rather as a way to drive traffic. My point is overall, if you spend your time focus on backlinks, you will never succeed. Spend that time on creating well-optimized content, and you will be much better off.
  7. khawk1

    Will it hurt my site if I make duplicate posts with almost the same content, but 5% +/- changed?

    Yes, you are in the clear. Duplicate content is always bad for you.
  8. khawk1

    [YouTube] Would you change the Channel?

    Great point here!
  9. khawk1

    How to start a blog properly in 2020

    I recommend you get a domain/hosting. Then you add 50-100 articles, over the course of ..say 3 months time. By that time, you should slowly begin to see some traffic to your site, and you can now sign up for Amazon and Adsense. Add your links, and keep writing articles. I will say, honestly its...
  10. khawk1

    Will it hurt my site if I make duplicate posts with almost the same content, but 5% +/- changed?

    Any time you clone your articles, even with 5% change in the text, its really not a good thing, and you will not rank for these articles. Please understand, if we are talking about generic content that is shown all pages, such as your main header text, that ill not count. Also in the side panel...
  11. khawk1

    I have the ideas but struggle to get a kick ass site up and running

    Make sure you use WP. Also, for speed, use Helle elementor theme. For the easiest completed site, you can use a nulled theme with whatever template you desire, and have a completed site up and running within 1 hour. Personally, I would use the hello theme and get elementor pro.
  12. khawk1

    No Traffic On Amazon Niche Site

    COmpletely wrong! Again, as I mentioned in my previous reply, this is a mindset of 2010. Today, you need to focus on quality content, and no matter how many idiotic link pyramids you try to pull off, you will only be worse off, than when you started. As long as your site is getting indexed...
  13. khawk1

    No Traffic On Amazon Niche Site

    Ok. So from what i am reading, 99% of the people here are living in the past, and fail to understand that Google has evolved since 2010. 1. Don't waste your time building links. You can try get a few, but only targeted links in your niche. 2. Make sure your articles are unique,and of good...
  14. khawk1

    Any alternative for yoast seo on wordpress

    My vote is for RankMath.
  15. khawk1

    Blog vs. Magazine?

    Thanks for both your replies. I think your both missing the point slightly.. I know I can just change to another theme and call it a Magazine. That's not my intent. If you have a real online magazine, you have other options, and your site is doing things in slightly different ways, when with a...
  16. khawk1

    Blog vs. Magazine?

    Hi, I have a niche blog, with 100+ articles for now. Adding all the time.. All good quality unique content. I am starting to think maybe it would be a good idea, to change the layout from a plain grid layout to a more magazine type layout. Actually taking the steps to turn the blog into a...
  17. khawk1

    How to do Blogging at free of cost?

    You're wasting your time on Blogger ad all other free platforms. You need to be on a .com/net/org domain if you want any kind of chance of actually making any money on a blog.
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    BHW: What a great find!

    Welcome to the BHW community.
  19. khawk1

    Building An Authority Niche Site in 180 Days

    Its been a while since i updated this journey, because.. Well, nothing really happened. To build a site is not done in 1 day as most of you know, and sometimes all you can do is wait, and work on other aspects of your 'empire' while Google algorithm is trying to figure out where you belong :-)...
  20. khawk1

    Building An Authority Niche Site in 180 Days

    Yet another small update. I now have 64 articles on my site, and i am ranking position 15 in Google for my main niche keyword (Up from 19 last week). Ranking 71 for "best "niche keyword" blog", (Up from 88 last week) so for now i am fairly happy. I can see the rankings improve weekly, so i feel...