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  1. dropsy16

    [Experienced writers only!] QUICK writing help! Few minutes [$5]

    I'm writing a post and need help developing a thesis fast! Comment your skype name and I'll add you immediately! Thank you :)
  2. dropsy16

    How to get bot to click outgoing links?

    I recently bought fatboy's fake traffic bot in order to lower my CTR for some CPA offers I'm running. I was wondering if there is a way to get the bot to click outgoing links?
  3. dropsy16

    [RATE] My Local SEO company site logo

    I like the color !
  4. dropsy16

    Hiring someone to do math placement exam

    delete :)
  5. dropsy16

    HALP (Will Pay $1)

    Nope just promoting via blackhat methods. Need help lowering CTR please!
  6. dropsy16

    what car do you drive

    welcome <3
  7. dropsy16

    what car do you drive

    lmao dying
  8. dropsy16

    HALP (Will Pay $1)

    On one offer it's 30% and on another it's 50% LOL
  9. dropsy16

    HALP (Will Pay $1)

    How can I lower my CTR? I bought a gig to deliver traffic from fiverr but I'm not even sure if that'll do much. My methods are a little blackhat but I don't want to risk my account by having a high CTR. Any ideas? Thanks :)
  10. dropsy16

    Instant bot Traffic?

    Oh I am aware of that. I'm not using Adsense and I'm not looking to rank anywhere. My CTR is through the roof and need some traffic to lower it.
  11. dropsy16

    Instant bot Traffic?

    Where can I get bot traffic? I ordered a traffic gig on fiverr and am still waiting for it to be delivered. Few thousand fake views/clicks would be ideal. Thank you :)
  12. dropsy16

    10,000 Real& Guaranteed PTC visitors for just $9.99 (adsense safe,improves alexa rank)

    I'm interested but have a question. If I supply you the link to my site, will other links be clicked such as some offers that go to other sites? To be honest I don't care if traffic is real, just need to lower my CTR.
  13. dropsy16

    Gimme ppl plox

    I was wondering where I could hire people quickly. I've tried craigslist but the process is quite slow. I prefer "real" people which is why I'm not on microworkers or any other outsourcing site. I know BHW has a "hire a freelancer" section but I rather not use that because of personal reasons...
  14. dropsy16

    Looking for an EXPERIENCED writer to write 2-3 quick and professional paragraphs.

    I'm looking to pay someone $5 to write two to three paragraphs. This is not a review but a rather odd request. My skype is draxula16
  15. dropsy16

    Young Learner's *apparant* Journey in the wild DropShipping world

    Lmao died when I saw your screenshot :D good luck! selling clothing is pretty competitive.
  16. dropsy16

    Journey #2 to $1,500 in 7 Days from Free YouTube Traffic. New Site/New Niche

    Great thread and best of luck! Mind telling us where your last thread went? :(
  17. dropsy16

    The Movie "The Intership"

    I went to see the early premier of "Now you see me" and saw the trailer for this and died especially with the X-Men joke :D
  18. dropsy16


    How easy it is for networks to catch on to this?