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  1. desfigurel

    BHW EXCLUSIVE Sales Thread Designing Service

    hey I took up the remaining review copy a couple of days ago. Please confirm if I am in..thanks....
  2. desfigurel

    [GIVEAWAY] IP Torrents Invites - Recurring monthly

    Sounds great, I'd like an invite, thanks in advance.
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    White Board Animation Videos - Video Creation Service

    Yeah, like I said I use the video for promoting a niche product, so I can't really post it here. I'm sure Moz can show you more samples.
  4. desfigurel

    White Board Animation Videos - Video Creation Service

    Review: Mozoak was kind enough to provide me with a review copy for his service and I can say that I love the video they created for me. I needed it for promoting an affiliate product and you have to have a attention catching video if you want to get clicks to the landing page - I'm very...
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    §§§ YouRank §§§ - Dominate #1 Rank on Youtube || Metacafe || Google ||Vimeo||Daily Motion

    Sounds like a very interesting service, I'd like a review copy if they're still available please.
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    !!Daily Free Reviews!! 70% OFF Guaranteed Ranking PR2-PR7 Do-follow Manual Blog Commenting

    Review: seo_wpn was kind enough to offer me a review copy of the service, and I have to say I am impressed. It's one of the best blog commenting services I've tried, some of the highlights being: - PageRank - the PR of the comment pages was exactly as described, ranging from PR6 to PR2 - All the...
  7. desfigurel

    THANK YOU BHW! Just went lifetime and so thankful you came into my life.

    This is a great review, best testimonial I've seen for this product. Where do I get this BHW that everyone's raving about? Sounds like something worth every penny, thank you OP for sharing your amazing experience with it.
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    Unique Do Follow Blogs Comment 101% Manually Submission In Discounted Price.[Pr2-Pr7]

    lowell1 was kind enough to provide me with a review copy of this service, here's my feedback on it: - Customer Support: excellent, talked on PM and he was very kind and straight to the point - Speed of Delivery: excellent, the job was done in a few hours after providing the URL and KWs, can't...
  9. desfigurel

    Gmail-Youtube-Yahoo-Hotmail-MySpace-Aol @ CHEAP

    I'd like to order 10 YT PVA accounts, please send me the payment details, thanks.
  10. desfigurel ✅ Self-Service Private Proxies ✅ Instant IP Refresh ✅ Just $0.88/IP + $0.00/GB ⭐Get +50% FREE⭐

    Ordered 2 proxies, transaction id #5EL52454AX7508542. Looking forward for the bonus two and also would prefer if the proxies were not used before, thanks.
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    CCA's Journey to Helping YOU Reach $100/day. [CPA/PPD]

    Thanks, that was my line of thinking too.
  12. desfigurel

    CCA's Journey to Helping YOU Reach $100/day. [CPA/PPD]

    I've got a PPD dilemma: for locking files, what method would work best - a content locker on the download page or a password-protected file (getting the password requires to complete an offer)? What do you guys think?
  13. desfigurel

    [Giveaway] 25 x SCC Invites - 24 Hours Limited

    Worked perfectly, thanks a lot for the invite!
  14. desfigurel

    Cyprus - Spain, Ireland, Italy and Portugal are next?

    Oh yes, those poor little greeks did nothing wrong...except at least half of them never pay their taxes! For reference:
  15. desfigurel

    Up To 1000 Web 2.0 Posts With HUGE Keyword Diversity! ONLY $5

    Review: Blackguy81 just worked on a Basic package for one of my sites, I have just received the report and am quite satisfied with the outcome. Things to note: - he over-delivered on the number of links (almost 300 links, much more than the standard 250) - the text of the posts is obviously...
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    Giveaways 100+ Facebook Likes only for BHW Member

    Hi, I'd like some likes for this page: Thanks!