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  1. Nut-Nights


    You can't learn forex or trading from anyone else. I mean that's not something you can learn from courses, just my personal experience. You can take help of videos to learn the basic and how market moves but to make profit you need to get a demo account and start learning yourself. Proper risk...
  2. Nut-Nights

    Cool sounding names for a an SEO business

    Nowadays you can use any word for SEO services, like d**k SEO to f**k Google in the A**. Wow that sound actually good.
  3. Nut-Nights

    What made the BHW the best SEO/IM forum?

    Members with patience and experience makes it the best one.
  4. Nut-Nights

    (ASK) Do google underestimate domain .online on SEO?

    .xxx is actually a great domain. People in adult industry going to weight your site more, thinking you are serious about your shit. Just saying.
  5. Nut-Nights

    Related Articles Of My Choice in WP

    You are here from 2009 and you dont know the basics? We are not here to spoon feed you. Sorry.
  6. Nut-Nights

    Goodbye to Software Engineers, Welcome Prompts Engineers

    Yeah Let's make everyone unemployed. This Ai is going to f**k up economies in long term.
  7. Nut-Nights

    Semrush Authority Score Dropped for all websites

    Why do people care about that? Maybe they are updating their algo for the authority score.
  8. Nut-Nights

    Related Articles Of My Choice in WP

    Simply mention post ids, Its easy and supper effective for SEO.
  9. Nut-Nights

    How Easy is Ranking Long Tail Keywords on Youtube Search?

    They are easy to rank for, But they are not going to generate much views. Plus creating quality videos are not that easy, those old days of creating shity videos and putting aff link in description are gone. You can always try to see if its profitable.
  10. Nut-Nights

    Yahoo is coming get ready bing, google

    They cant do shit, new generation thinks, internet means Google.
  11. Nut-Nights

    How can Niche change affect YouTube channel?

    Its a complete No for websites, as Google dont like that shit. You tube is a part of Google, So I guess, not really a good idea.
  12. Nut-Nights

    Should I keep my blog having multiple niche or should I change it now and focus on one?

    If you are using Ai, you can go with as many as niches you want. If you are planing on setting up a authority site, focus on one niche per site.
  13. Nut-Nights

    Alright the Real question - Your limbs or $48Million Cash

    Doctors are cheating to pass the exam, what do you expect?
  14. Nut-Nights

    What's your favorite movie of all time?

    Salo is good one, or Inception maybe.
  15. Nut-Nights

    Wordpress Automatic Just Killed The Game

    People already spamming that with custom plugins and now its widely available. Not a good thing If Google decided to do something about it. Just my personal opinion.
  16. Nut-Nights

    What YouTube channels you visit almost daily ?

    Raja Banks, ITC, some other news channels when I am sober and some funny ones If I am drunk alone.
  17. Nut-Nights

    What is your personality type?

    INFP-A I didnt know that, I have personality.
  18. Nut-Nights

    Serious Question: Is This Enough?

    The day I am capable of buying things I desire without looking at price tag, that day its enough for me.
  19. Nut-Nights

    What would you look for from Hosting?

    Only three things uptime, fast server and reliable support (If you dont have root access or your not technical). I am using OVH, they got fast servers and good uptime and non existing support. I am happy. Its hard to get all three together.
  20. Nut-Nights

    spending $1K for a mobile is stupidity?

    Yes it is, I am using Android phone worth like $200, it got all features I need.