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  1. Helen Tang

    looking for amz review

    If pay 3$ commission for a amz verified review, anyone can help find buyers to do review here? need USA/UK/DE/FR/IT/ES buyers.
  2. Helen Tang

    anyone can do test buy here?

    if you can do test buy on amz, please contact with me.
  3. Helen Tang

    Need European agents who can do review

    I will offer the free products, need agent find the people to review them, available for United Kingdom,Germany,France,Spain and Italy。 We will pay you the commission,if you can do it, please contact with me.
  4. Helen Tang

    Need agent find customers test Spray Nozzle

    Hello all, I am looking for agent find customers to test my Spray Nozzle, offer the free Spray Nozzle, no review, I need German testers. email: [email protected]
  5. Helen Tang

    Looking for freelancer review my products

    Hello all, If you have your own review team, want to work with me, please let me know, verified review or no review, all products are free. [email protected]
  6. Helen Tang

    Who can help find US/UK/DE reviewers?

    I am looking for Freelancer who have review team, can work with me for long time, i will offer the product for free , and give you charge.
  7. Helen Tang

    free Air Fryer, need test and promote

    I offer the free air fryer, need you do a video post on your social media,introduce my product, if you can do this task, apply through website.
  8. Helen Tang

    looking for influencer to promote my product

    I am finding some long-term influencers to promote my Air Fryer, I offer this task, not only post, I need you to promote it to your audience, let more audience to view and share my product. you need to take a video, show my brand, how to introduce the others to use this air fryer, what's...
  9. Helen Tang

    Looking for US/UK/DE reviewers

    if you can test my product and left honest review ,please contact: [email protected], apply by hxxp:// . we not post live link, you need correct this link ,open it to apply. the Order ID is “000-0000000-0000000”; type is “Other Question”; Issue is“review product”
  10. Helen Tang

    free product ,need review

    Hello, there are many free products in my warehouse, just need honest review, anyone can do the product review?
  11. Helen Tang

    Need Amazon reviewer

    It is so hard to look for people to review my products, glue gun, bike lock, makeup brush and so on. Still waiting for people whom can work with.
  12. Helen Tang

    Free product

    Hello,I am seller, need to sent out so many product for free, but no one need them:weep: