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    24 Hour Professional Logos ★ Quality Logos At An Affordable Price ★ Starting At $12

    I absolutely do not recommend this service. I ordered the professional package for $59, was supposed to get 5 logos with 3 versions each, with unlimited revisions. I only asked for 4 logos (1 original, and 3 holiday variants) as well, but only "received" the first one! Then I was asked to leave...
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    24-hour Logo Design - Premium Quality Logos, Affordable Prices

    Hi, your domain has expired a week ago, would like to place an order soon.
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    Here's a few resources:
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    [Question] Can I use youtube for dating offers ?

    Check out this answer: Be careful with your content as I've had barely sexual videos deleted day 1. And I would just put your domain in your video itself and leave it out of the title/description to be safer.
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    Can I purchase from my own amazon affiliate website ?

    It is against their policy of course, but your family buying from another state or something might not look too bad. "You will not directly or indirectly purchase any Product(s) through Special Links, whether for your use of for the use of any other person or entity, and you will not permit...
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    Adult Logo/Favicon + Video Intro/Outro

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to open my thead. I would like a professional, modern looking and sexy adult logo with a favicon to match for my cam site. The size and colors will be over PM but you have free creative reign! I also need a 5 second video intro and a 5-10 second video outro...
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    Authority Amazon Affliate DFY Service : Up to 100K words - Make Passive Income

    Hello, I would love to see a sample. Thank you.
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    Planning to start my first YouTube channel

    Here's a few resources: (Including the 2 threads found inside)...
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    Becoming an amazon affiliate

    "Amazon doesn’t pay to a Nigerian account. You have two options: Request your payment via check, which will be sent to you, and which you can subsequently credit to your domiciliary account. The second option is to use a US virtual bank account, which comes with Payoneer cards." - First link...
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    [Noob/Beginner Guide] How to Improve Your Rankings with Basic Internal Linking Practices

    Thank you man, another great guide! I appreciate it.
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    E-commerce Essentials for SEO - A Guide for Online Store Builders

    Wow, thank you so much!! Very detailed and helpful. I can't wait for your next thread!
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    Recomendations About Antivirus To Purchase

    I really think you should get MalwareBytes Premium as well, amazing protection and it's lightweight.
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    Is there a way to tie Reddit, instagram, twitter and other social accounts?

    Yeah IFTTT (website, free) is compatible with: Facebook (profiles, pages, and groups) Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Reddit Tumblr YouTube Pinterest It is very easy to create your own apps as well, and here is a small guide I quickly found on Google...
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    [FREE GIVEAWAYS] I Will Make Bots For All Members - Share Your Ideas In The Thread

    Thank you for offering this to almost everyone, it's very generous of you! I don't have a bot request but was just wondering if I could PM you a question about bot development with uBot?
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    I want to make some dope unique ass content in this niche but i have a problem

    This should probably be in the lounge but I want to help you man. You're fighting with nothing (anxiety), stuff you're coming up with in your head. You don't KNOW what is going to happen. You could get 5 likes and no haters, you could get 10 dislikes and some cancer comments fast. Who cares...
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    VPS Monetization

    It's a definitely a "fuckin forum" man... I only monetize my VPS in one way and that's through uploading which I mentioned is a possibility, and I gave more ideas in my first post. I'm SO sorry I linked you some more ideas for you to look at. You literally had nothing to go off in your first...
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    Earn With Adwords

    Yeah after reading through all the replies I can clearly see I'm wrong/rude, I'm sorry.
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    Earn With Adwords

    What kind of shit is this man? Haha. Your steps are stupid simple but you say it's not for newbies, and it's not that easy of course so it's volatile dangerous advice. Do you really think you're helping anyone by posting this?
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    need your opinion and advice

    Hi, check out these links: