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  1. al.ayyubi

    What do i do with my life, I’m 22 broke and uneducated.

    Welcome :) Honestly if u r interesting in coding, just grow up ur skill, there is IT Company need profesional coding without academic background. learning and learning, dont stop and never give up :)
  2. al.ayyubi

    Scrape Telegram Subscribers From Big Channel

    If im not wrong, there is no API about that, except u made a bot/tool for doing that task from browser version.
  3. al.ayyubi

    Creating telegram account.

    OMG Why u dont use ur personal phone number?? Create Telegram account need phone number, if im not wrong since this Apps released CMIIW. If you are student or still dont have phone number or ur parent not give cellphone/smartphone please wait till they give u :)
  4. al.ayyubi

    Help creating multiple twitter accounts

    Verify p[phone number is mandatory on Twitter, if the firstday they not ask, then will ask after 2-3 days or maybe one hour later after account created if we doing activity which is like,fav etc.
  5. al.ayyubi

    how to get bitcoin anonymously?

    You are, we need to be a legal guy, safe for each other
  6. al.ayyubi

    looking for phone number from +62(indonesia)

    OP need phone number database list from Indonesia with gender of owner number is male, im right? Try to find on FB Group brother.
  7. al.ayyubi

    Bulk phone numbers for Linkedin?

    Try sms-activate or smspva you can use receive sms more than once for each phone number within the timeframe still active.
  8. al.ayyubi

    PayPal best proxies?

    Btw,, why u need proxy for accesing Pay p4l ?
  9. al.ayyubi

    Anonymous SMS Verify payable with Skrill | Neteller | Paysafecard

    The big things is you need to keep your anonimity, yeah.. most of web KYC applied, to be safe each others. I can provide real phone number but from my country only.
  10. al.ayyubi


    u need bot to like and comment ur content? but the accounts is created by u?
  11. al.ayyubi

    Buy new TikTok acc or start from scratch?

    start from zero is better so u can analize all of them. but buy aged account with huge real followers also good.. its ur choise..
  12. al.ayyubi

    Porn content on TikTok

    It will not last long, it will easy to get down. im sure content and account will be banned..
  13. al.ayyubi

    Is it ok to purchase Tiktok fake followers ?

    need to FYP at least to get organic followers, but if u bought less than 100k followers no problem but make sure u send views and likes everything u posting ur content, but maybe u will hard to get FYP if having to much fake followers/likes. hope it will help.
  14. al.ayyubi

    Google ads Multiple accounts: is it allowed?

    Nooo. Multiple account under one or same company is not allowed, but u can try use another company name and make sure access from different IP.
  15. al.ayyubi

    Just uninstalled whatsapp after reading this!!!.

    Hahahhaa, dont just WA but all of their platform such as IG and FB. LOL They already took user data since uve registered.
  16. al.ayyubi - Premium Residential Proxies with Unlimited Bandwidth

    interesting to test trial offer. if posible. thanks