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  1. TechEinstien

    Is 301 redirection of expired domain name effective for seo

    You have to check the domain carefully. Otherwise, it can have a negative impact too.
  2. TechEinstien

    Reduction in ban rates on Google ads

    So, how are you making it?
  3. TechEinstien

    How to rewrite chatgpt generated articles online

    There are many rewriting tools available in the market. You can use them but I suggest you to manually rewrite it.
  4. TechEinstien

    How much do you spend on backlinks per month?

    It is good to keep making quality baclinks.
  5. TechEinstien

    keyword ranking not on google

    Your site may be hit with a google update. Try to build more quality content.
  6. TechEinstien

    How do you make sure your writers don't use ChatGPT/Jasper?

    For now, it can be easy to detect AI Content, but I doubt it will be the same in the future.
  7. TechEinstien

    Should i buy initial likes and traffic for YT video?

    It is only suitable for Blackhat videos.
  8. TechEinstien

    My MISC Journey

    Good Luck.
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    When work pbn site?

    Are PBNS powerful enough?
  10. TechEinstien

    Proof that Fiverr still has a lot of potential

    Impressive sales. I thought Fiverr was dead.
  11. TechEinstien

    Do SEO packages Even Work ?

    Yes it works. But you have to decide what type of links works better for your website.
  12. TechEinstien

    how to SEO optimize for an ecommerce store ?

    Use pinterest, Instagram to drive traffic. Optimize product description, product titles, product images.
  13. TechEinstien

    ChatGPT may replace software engineers

    It can't. Maybe in next 20 years.
  14. TechEinstien

    If you would to start your facebook group from zero members how would you do it again?

    Find online communities and forums related to your group's theme and participate in discussions, providing value and making connections with potential members. You can also offer exclusive content, discounts, or early access to events to encourage people to join your group.
  15. TechEinstien

    Could this be spammy backlinks?

    These type of links can harm your website.
  16. TechEinstien

    Cold emails or selling emails

    It is only valued if related to specific niche.
  17. TechEinstien

    What's your favorite web scraping tool?

    Scrapebox is good and very cheap.
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    A list of 1400+ AI Websites / Tools

    Good share but website is down.
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    How Can I make Money Online As A College Student !?

    Get a job. Learning skill takes time.
  20. TechEinstien

    Why is AI still terrible at music?

    It will take some more time. So wait for more development.