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  1. Bam2

    Can I Monatize A Channel Like This ?

    I think yeah it'd work for external stuff like selling ebooks and related apps subscriptions
  2. Bam2 | SMM Panel | Advanced Dripfeed Option | Non-Drop Youtube Views | HQ Instagram Followers | 200+ SMM Services

    Username: SpydaFlex I need a review copy please Also set reseller rates
  3. Bam2

    F**k me, i'm dead inside (again)

    Yeah right. Edited. Thanks
  4. Bam2

    F**k me, i'm dead inside (again)

    1. Pinch your thighs til it hurts, pinch them again then slap your cheek 2. While you're trying to figure whats wrong with you, find a prostitute near you buy one get a quicky make sure you're horny free. 3. Make sure you're horny free when you try to rethink about your issue 4. Push yourself...
  5. Bam2

    Weed in Salou

    Hahahaha this funny yo
  6. Bam2

    How I Made My First Million Dollar From Streaming Site "Ask Me AnyThing"

    How much you get per stream and what service do you use to get paid from? im new to the streaming game
  7. Bam2

    Anyone doing chaturbate affiliate!?

    Bitcoin $50 min Other payment methods $100 min
  8. Bam2

    Anyone doing chaturbate affiliate!?

    So i have reached the minimum payout in chaturbate affiliate program, i dont see any option to request withdrawal. Anyone know how will they pay me? btw its my first time using thir site
  9. Bam2

    How I Have Made $900 In 9 Days Recruiting Cam Models on Chaturbate

    I heard the difficulty part is to withdraw the money from chaturbate
  10. Bam2

    What Bot is this? Mention 300k comments

    Do you think adding %username% would escape action blocks? i think would still get a block after few comments
  11. Bam2

    Instagram journey to 50,000 accounts botting

    So up to now i have no clue how to run accounts with different proxies apart from IP it created without getting prompted with suspicious activity warning. Did a search but failed only needed to verify every time i log in with different proxy
  12. Bam2

    My Instagram NEWBIE journey (5k$ per month)

    Good luck mate
  13. Bam2

    Mass mention/Tagging bot

    Use an old account or Bruh pm me it maybe i could fix it
  14. Bam2

    Betting $100 on Sweden vs Germany!

    its 1-0 now haha sweden takes a lead
  15. Bam2

    Instagram journey to 50,000 accounts botting

    cool im gonna research if the phone numbers i use for verification is the problem and im gonna try using socks 5 proxies to create accounts. Will update about this
  16. Bam2

    Instagram journey to 50,000 accounts botting

    g Did you use a pc browser or a phone to create accounts? as you said some day, you and your wife helps creating accounts manually
  17. Bam2

    Instagram journey to 50,000 accounts botting

    sounds cool, i think i need to learn something. how does that worked to you?
  18. Bam2

    Instagram journey to 50,000 accounts botting

    I had this problem, i figured the issue is you must use the same country ip(proxy) the account has been created to and from there everything will be fine.