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    Do you provide US Targeted Instagram followers?
  2. MGJ25

    - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    Do you have USA targeted Instagram followers available?
  3. MGJ25 - Boost your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other profiles in minutes!

    Looking forward to the US targeted Instagram followers. PM me when the service is available.
  4. MGJ25 - Boost your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other profiles in minutes!

    Do you provide US targeted Instagram followers? Interested in your service
  5. MGJ25

    Reddit Front Page Service - You Don't Pay for Upvotes, Just Results!

    Seems like a serious service, I will send you a PM shortly.
  6. MGJ25

    Advert Account Disabled

    Recently my Facebook Ads Account has been disabled. I have a pending payment for the previous month (November) unpaid. My question is, will I get my money? Will Facebook pay me what I've earned?
  7. MGJ25

    Massplanner Mistake!

    Yes. As I said premium and consistent users only.
  8. MGJ25

    Ways to Warm Up Facebook Accounts

    The best way is to run a bot which will like posts, share on the wall, add friends etc. The manual way is to work on your accs as real profiles, you need to warm them up with adding some friends, posting something on the wall, like posts, comment etc. Then you can add it to groups and do your job.
  9. MGJ25

    Creating new Facebook account after ad account being flagged

    You can't make new account from the same IP and with the same ads route. You need to buy (look for) an old account, from your friend who doesn't use it anymore, and change the name in different order. (Nickaname, Name) For ex. if it was John richardson, now make it Richardson John. Try that it...
  10. MGJ25

    Facebook Sports Page (47k followers)

    3rd option rather than CPA and Drop shipping is creating a website for your fan-page. Set up instant articles (FBads) and share your info in groups or mailing list or whatever on FB or other social media sites.
  11. MGJ25

    Facebook Page Post Reach

    Because Facebook is changing it's algorithm. The reach won't get better until you boost your page. They are testing the explore feed now, there will belong all pages that are not sponsored. However the reach on photos and videos is still good.
  12. MGJ25

    How to get US traffic to my fb page

    Post to FB groups with lots of members, of course it depends on the niche of your page.
  13. MGJ25

    today facebook reach on all pages up to 200 :O

    Link reach is getting low and it will be like that until you boost your page. It's the change Facebook is making in it's algorithm
  14. MGJ25

    how much can my website earn from 4 to 5k visitors daily

    Depends on the niche, approximately you will earn $10-15. You can try Instant articles instead, way better, connect to your Fb fan-page. You get triple CPM and triple revenue.
  15. MGJ25

    Massplanner Mistake!

    MP went dark, you can't find it on the internet. It still exists but tfor premium/serious users only, it works with a recommendation chain
  16. MGJ25

    FB pages ghosted?

    The problem is Facebook changing it's algorithm, in future there will be 2 feeds. Explore Feed and Main feed. In the explore feed will be pages that are not sponsored and without FB ads or anything related that brings cash to FB. In the main feed will be all sponsored pages and articles, so I...
  17. MGJ25

    [METHOD] Make easy $50+/day using Instagram.

    Thank you for responding to my question it's clear now. Cheers
  18. MGJ25

    What's happening to Facebook Groups?

    As much as I continue working with Facebook groups that much I get disappointed, since October 2017 Facebook changed something with its groups, the reach is not the same, the clicks I used to get were 90% more, there is a huge difference between then and now. If I was taking 100 clicks to my...
  19. MGJ25

    How to solve this FB problem?

    It's how it works for me. Whenever I try to add jpg format it just reloads the page and I can't continue with the process. Now I always upload .png format files and it unlocks fhe profiles in less than 48hrs.
  20. MGJ25

    Facebook Upload Photo Problem SOLVED

    Hello there. Here is the method I use for solving the upload photo block on Facebook 1. Make sure you back up the profile images of all the accs you possess. 2. When photo upload needed, save the backed up profile pic as a .png file. Remember : Facebook does not accept .jpg format it just...