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  1. tas26

    FB INSTA Ads master

    Looking for someone who has good experience with FB and insta ads. I have a physical product to sell in Pakistan market. The product is in weight loss niche ( a herbal tea) You must have good experience in running these ads. i will provide my ads account or we can use yours as you seem good...
  2. tas26

    [GET] INSTANT Sales Via YT/TikTok/Instagram SHORTS

    i have not received any PM with samples.
  3. tas26

    [GET] INSTANT Sales Via YT/TikTok/Instagram SHORTS

    samples please.
  4. tas26

    Mobile App Developer Android IOS

    Looking for a professional mobile app developer to help me with a simple calorie/health tracker app for my customer. total 3 sections 1 - where user add his daily data, calorie intake (breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner etc) - secondly will add exercise he did at that day. (both are manually...
  5. tas26


    are your ISP proxies clean for social accounts creation or account usage?
  6. tas26

    [JV] - My Clients - Your Payment Solutions

    i have old Stripe in UK and US with 1600+ transactions in UK one. add me to skype to discuss more tas126 is my skype
  7. tas26

    ➡️ [FMS] The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Automation Software ⭐️

    interested in a review copy.
  8. tas26


    interested in canva. Please provide the discount. Thanks
  9. tas26

    *****Quality FB and Google Ad Accounts | Run Any Campaign | *****

    i bought a Google ads account from him with their CC to ensure it will work as they claim their CC gives full guarantee. he has handed over an old blank account to me and i am waiting now for CC. He has been promising daily that the card will be added but nothing is being done. If you cant...
  10. tas26

    Quality google ads accounts ✔️ $350 promotion ✔️ No CC or Proxy Needed ✔️ Weekly discounts!

    sorry OP, seems like i have been fucked. i have looked closely and it is clear that i have been a victim of scam, Silly me - did not pay attention to signs.
  11. tas26

    Quality google ads accounts ✔️ $350 promotion ✔️ No CC or Proxy Needed ✔️ Weekly discounts!

    SCAM alert: Be aware, he took $200 USDT from me via skype and then started saying the minimum recharge is $200 (earlier when we has convincing me for the account $50 was minimum charge). I will have to pay $150 more or he can refund. I asked him to refund and provided my USDT address. he has...
  12. tas26

    Paypal Business Accounts needed

    looking for paypal business account preferably UK based. dont need it to process payments. just testing some services which needs a paypal business account to be attached to it. let me know if anyone can help with.
  13. tas26

    My Dropshipping Store + Your Influencer and Social Media Marketing Skills

    Hello, I own a soccer jersey store where we sell high quality club jersey. I have clients mostly from UK and have 100% satisfaction. All stuff is being shipping from China and is of highest quality as per original. I am looking for a partner to help me scale with social media and influencer...