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    need fast loading hosting

    Cheap VPS or you can use CDN, with shared hosting you can't be satisfied.
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    SEO Promises At Their Best/Worst

    Why not 1st place in google search, you only need to pay for that keyword and you have ad on top.
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    hi there

    Welcome and enjoy your time in BHW
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    Anyone using Desktop Computer in 2019?

    Why? Big 27inch monitor or two split monitors, you see everything :)
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    Instagram down?

    Still is down.
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    I was SCAMMED

    Next time eat in KFC :)
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    Tips on getting more story views?!

    How many likes posts have?
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    Website to check Instagram Stats

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    Best PayPal alternative?

    Skrill, Paxum, 2checkout and Webmoney
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    Hey, Whats up and Hello

    Welcome kinglion to bhw I wish you luck, and have a great stay here.
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    Hola, new developer here

    Welcome to BHW
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    Directly accepting CC on site?

    2Checkout also is good choose.
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    [Giveaway] Reddit Accounts

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    Is anyone having problems taking money out from their Paxum Card?

    Withdraw via ATM not working, what is with POS withdraw ?
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    Adult Tube Website 2018 - Whats Next?

    And what is your cdn bandwidth per day?
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    Monetizing Chinese adult mobile traffic

    How to monetize Chinese mobile adult traffic (android, iphone), the best option CPC, CPA, CPM, POPUP... Which sites pay for Chinese mobile adult traffic?
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    Looking for adult mobile backlinks

    I need adult backlinks on mobile sites, if you have any suggestion please pm me.