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  1. Sweppi

    $500 Starting Budget - What's next?

    Thank you very much for compiling this list of options for me! I will read through all the posts and choose a starting path. I will most defiantly purchase Jr. VIP once the time for me comes! :)
  2. Sweppi

    $500 Starting Budget - What's next?

    Looks very promising. I will defiantly take a closer look at the course tonight!
  3. Sweppi

    $500 Starting Budget - What's next?

    Thank you for your reply, I will defiantly take a look at codecanyon as well as producthunt and indiehacker! :)
  4. Sweppi

    $500 Starting Budget - What's next?

    Hey guys, I've been a BHW member for a while, mostly just lurking around and reading posts. I've currently set aside a small starting budget of $500 and I'm looking to try something new. I'm in no means in a rush to see a positive ROI, but I'm hoping that I one day could turn this into a...
  5. Sweppi

    How ppl make money with Gift Cards?! [2000 card everyday]?

    My guess would be stolen credit cards or similar. Then they flip the gift cards for cash, maybe BTC etc.
  6. Sweppi

    Best Annoymous Email Provider ?

    Have you tried Protonmail? They seem to offer what you're looking for :)
  7. Sweppi

    Snaptools Alternative

    Hey guys, Since Snaptools has been shut down recently I'm looking for an alternative for Android. With similar features to Snaptools where you could send snaps from your gallery photos, auto download snaps and videos etc. Paid or free service, either is fine. Does anyone know of any? :)
  8. Sweppi

    [] Grown Niche Relevant Instagram Accounts at Cheap PRICE! (6K-15K followers)

    Just purchased an account form this guy! Super fast delivery, OG email. Everything as promised! Vouched!
  9. Sweppi

    Goddady Little prob, need help

    Keep in mind that some name servers are slower than others to update. As long as you've changed the Name Servers for your domain inside the Godaddy admin panel to your NameCheap Name Servers you should be good. But I've had to wait sometimes up to 2 days until it's changed. That's why I...
  10. Sweppi

    Buying an Expired Domain

    I'm afraid it will show the date you registered it. I had this idea a while back until I realized it shows my registration date. I believe Flippa pulls this information from WHOIS data which will only show your Registration/Creation Date. However, you are still able to make a profit of these...
  11. Sweppi

    Theme zerif lite fail to making look like demo... now what?!

    The problem with a lot of free themes is the fact that they come with limited documentation. The developers just want to give you an idea of what the theme is capable of. If the Lite version of a theme would come stocked up with great features it would result in people not purchasing the Pro...
  12. Sweppi

    Looking for a good CPM for a Quiz Website

    Hey guys, I have a website also converted into an app which has about 1-2k active users per day. It's a Quiz based app/website where the page reloads everytime the user goes to the next question. I'm looking for a good CPM network to start monetizing the site properly. I've used AdMob back in...
  13. Sweppi

    - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    Hey, I would love a Review copy and also PayPal Feature added. Account Name: Sweppi