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    imacro question

    I have imacros for firefox and when i do a play loop, it will go to the url fine the first time. When it begins the 2nd loop it will hang at the url and act like it goes to it (it doesn't error out), but it actually doesn't go to the page and then goes to the next command. I am doing an IP...
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    Tool to scrape or Trulia

    I would like to find out if there is a tool that can scrape information from specific zip codes and number of beds/baths on trulia and Thanks
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    Keyboard Macro Software

    Can anyone recommend a good free keyboard macro softwarefor windows. I'm running vista and xp. I've downloaded a couple, but they are not too good. Thanks
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    Imacros Plugin in Firefox

    Hi, I've been messing around with the plugin for auto creating accounts in social bookmarking. Is there a way to program a macro to login to individual email accounts and have the confirmation emails automaticaly confirmed? Also, is there a way to make a macro that can auto create recommended...
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    Seo Link Robot

    Anyone tried this one yet? Can't enter url here, but it is com Looks like a good program with no monthly fee.
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    SEO Quake Question

    Hi, I searched for a solution but could not find out why when I click on the 'save to file' button feature and then save the file to .csv, the columns are not set up correctly in Excel 2003. Anybody else see this problem & have a solution? Thanks
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    Domain name questions

    How about the .com vs .net vs .org?
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    Domain name questions

    I want to get opinions on naming domains. For instance, if your category was "blue widget". Say "" or "" is available. Should these 2 domain names still rank for having the keyword "blue widget" in the domain? Assuming you have great onsite/offsite SEO, I...
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    Link Building Books

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good book (ebook) that goes into detail the different ways of linkbuilding? Thanks
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    SEO Quake

    I was wondering what you all use for researching backlinks/ranking for competitor websites. I use SEO Quake (which I am sure you all know if free). Does SEO Quake lack anything that software such as Spyglass provide? Any experience/recommendations you all have with different software is...
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    [FREE] Auto Blogging Software

    Hi, Thanks for the nice software. I am doing new feed > post extraction. At the bottom, it reads 'Trying to read content'. It has been doing this about 1/2 hour. Win Vista 64 bit Home Premium. Any ideas why this is hanging?
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    Just wondering if anyone has this software and if it is any good? hxxp://w3. webloganalyzer.b1z
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    Search Query Report

    Hi, I'm just learning about Search Query Report. Is it possible to have a query tool that will provide stats for an affiliate offer on their landing page? Would they have to put a script on their page? Also, anyone familiar with how to run Search Query Reports on Yahoo? UPDATE: I found...
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    Google Wonder Wheel

    Looks interesting. Do you have it? If so, does it work OK for you? Does it come up with results just like the WonderWheel? Thanks
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    Google Wonder Wheel

    how is the wonder wheel scraper in the scrapebox. does it allow you to save & organize?
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    Google Wonder Wheel

    Hi, Anyone know of a stand alone program , or a script that I could run on my website that would allow me to have the same functions as Google's Wonder Wheel? I would also like to have it where it would be easier to make a keyword list. I haven't found a way on Google to do this. You just...
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    PPC Keyword Toolz

    Anyone used this tools? Website is PPCKeywordtoolz. Just curious on how it works for you. Does the 1 keyword per group & DKI help? How are the keyword editing tools? Thanks
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    Ad Word Generator

    Hi I received a couple responses to my other post about adwordgenerator and I think what was posted there is different than what I am looking for. Basically, it seems that this software has templates for proven text ads in adwords campaigns. Has anyone ever used this, or know of a software...
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    Ad Word Generator

    Has anyone tried this or any similar program? I'm looking for a quick way to write ppc ads for lots of ad groups. I can't post the website due to my low posting count, but it is adwordgenerator. Thanks