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  1. dragonguy4

    New gal enters

    simply amazing how much people you can reach by using girl profile... so lets see how this goes
  2. dragonguy4

    31% off .COM Namecheap by email

    also, they don't allow transfer to other registrar (in my exp with 1&1 many years ago -$1 com)
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    Reported page

    Wouldn't it be great if there is a page to see our report on bhw? Just a simple table should suffice with reported content, report description, and status (submitted / resolved / rejected) As of right now, no way to know if the report have been submitted or not in the event of laggish...
  4. dragonguy4

    Shitlist against @GODBOTS

    before making the accusation by directly mentioning the accused probably better to get some screenshot for proof, so when he feel get caught, he can't run
  5. dragonguy4

    Can one make a decent amount of Money selling Instagram Shoutouts?

    I've got some shoutout offer like these but never interested And I doubt anyone will The problem with JV in industry like this, you can't measure the conversion And even they do, easily got faked. Not to mention if the guy offering ran away and we're not getting paid Pardon for my skepticism...
  6. dragonguy4

    WTF is going on with PayPal

    paypal did some MAJOR update since last week. you can see from several UI changes, to additional feature that wasn't exist before, as if - now account can get more than one limitation in place, each with it's own document requirement - now seller have mandatory "dispute fee" and definitely...
  7. dragonguy4

    Paypal just deducted $245.7... for no reason

    that's the strange part. account in question wasn't even a multi currency, hold only euro, no usd and the reduction not even listed in activity, only stated it's a conversion luckily i've managed to screenshot the account balance yesterday and today after that email come reduced exactly...
  8. dragonguy4

    European GDPR law

    And no need, but someone can sue your business (file GDPR complaint) if you keep bothering them with your product promotion without their consent, tho rarely
  9. dragonguy4

    Paypal just deducted $245.7... for no reason

    No open dispute, past disputes have been resolved. Plus it won't say that way in case it's a dispute refund
  10. dragonguy4

    European GDPR law

    GDPR is privacy law. Something like you can't send cold promotion to EU citizen without their consent (they need to be subscribed in some way through opt in etc)
  11. dragonguy4

    Paypal just deducted $245.7... for no reason

    Just got this email from paypal, i thought they were only converting EUR balance to USD on that account But after logging in, turns out the balance was reduced by that exact amount. Insane, they just do it out of the blue Has anyone ever received this kind of email? Googled only return one...
  12. dragonguy4

    Advise regarding client who has broke contract ?

    when i was a client for seo work, i chose to go 100% upfront payment via third party escrow service. that way i made sure he deliver as promised or i get my money back these days a lot of these called "seo agency" deliver none as promised at the end of the day (with a lot excuses), after...
  13. dragonguy4

    Is it possible to claim facebook group with no admins?

    Unfortunately that official solution has no practical value As normal member, we can't possibly knowing to whom the invites sent (if it sent to any) I've tried to reach out the oldest member i could find there (he joined ~1 month after group...
  14. dragonguy4

    Is it possible to claim facebook group with no admins?

    There is an FB group that's no longer active (last post was 2018, new post will subject to admins approval) No active admins/mods listed, however previous admin can still be reached by contacting phone number in some of his post He said FB one day suddenly disabled his account (back in 2019)...
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    Got me remember back then in 2020 opened suggestion thread addressing this name & theme issue :)
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    Tool to split huge text file into X number of lines?

    You should have better luck with lower-end PC by opening the txt file first, then ctrl + A and ctrl + C to copy whole content, and paste in clean excel sheet then start from there
  17. dragonguy4

    5 Million SMS/Texts to Israel - Need help!

    agree. plus OP must be in israel as well if he intend to send using israel number (unless he don't mind paying for international text fee)
  18. dragonguy4

    Tool to split huge text file into X number of lines?

    so what you can do is rename your txt file to csv first, then open in excel, create new column, fill in with RANDBETWEEN formula, drag the value all the way to bottom, then sort this randomized value then save. after that, you can split using csv splitter this is what i am using...
  19. dragonguy4

    VPN or proxy is better?

    they only differentiate in wether the traffic is encrypted or not (proxy provider can see what you've been doing if they want to, while vpn does not) as for both speed, they don't differs a lot these days (unless you're using very low quality proxy)
  20. dragonguy4

    What’s smm Panels do Record labels use

    he actually mentioned NOT your BHW forum account registration date, but the domain registration date itself