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  1. spies

    How to target my traffic by geo.

    Hello guys, currently i'm working with exo click, and they told me that my cpm is low because of the 3d world countries (i know that this is how it works), but they also told me that the fact i'm sendind 'low quality traffic" will also affect the cmp for the others tier 1. So, i need help to...
  2. spies

    unstable server due to "tags"

    Thanks for your answer. it goes offline several times during the day, but lasts 2 to 5 minutes and then works again, and also happens when there are only a few users
  3. spies

    unstable server due to "tags"

    Hello everyone, my website is very unstable in the past weeks, i hired a developer to investigate the issue, he said to me that the problem is that i have to many tags (+190k), than i ask one of my friends if this is true and he said that tags shouldn't be the problem. I would be very grateful...