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    How would you assign keywords to title, h1, h2, h3?

    sry to bump this. but are h3 important? if my writer doesnt provide h3, should i read from the content and make 1 up myself ?
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    Content question - Amercia English/spelling or British English/spelling ?

    like MS word is always correcting my article to British English. like mold to mould, tumor to tumour .. any advice? also is it disastrous if there are mixture of American and British spelling in my articles ?
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    Selling AI Content Generator + Source Code + Everything is automated - COST: 0.05$ PER ARTICLE + Bonus Scrapers

    how do i purchase ? make payment to the stripe link and dm u ?
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    AI content - Plagiarism

    Hey guys, wanna check how much plagiarism on average are you getting with ai content ? Also will ai generate the exact same words when multiple people give the same prompt ? i find trying to fix the plagiarism (brainstorming words to replace, sentences to rephrase) quite tedious .. trying to...
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    Making Money with Python

    same got this too. is OP still around?
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    Is it ok for article to have no sub sections ?

    like just the topic and the paragraphs of content ? and maybe stock images
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    Black Friday 2022 Official Thread!

    same. too many guides and courses zz
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    [Giveaway] 100 AI Generated Articles (High Quality)

    Hi am interested. Thanks for the kind giveaway
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    $1000 per day with crypto arbitrage

    lets go back to this gentleman's question.
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    Anyone actually made money with articles bought from marketplace?

    for sure. im contemplating whether I should buy articles. i tried writing on my own, with all the topic research, editing, rephrasing, coming up with sentence structure etc ... takes soooo much time and sometimes i get stuck for hours or days just for 1 subheading
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    Anyone actually made money with articles bought from marketplace?

    there are quite a few sellers offering $7-$10 for 1000 words . anyone actually making money with these?
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    100 articles - How many page views did you have per month?

    i think OP just wants a figure of how people are doing, with that stats rather than knowing exactly how many page views he can get with 100 articles ..
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    Can Youtube detect identical video?

    the video im thinking about using is a short compilation of scenes of a old tv show, will adding my own intro/outro be enough ?