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  1. noradonis

    Can I get Adsense if writing blog about Poker?

    I know I can't get adsense if it's a casino/gambling site, but can I get adsense if I'm building a blog withh just articles about Poker (or some other card game) without any links to casinos?
  2. noradonis

    RANK AUTHORITY Up to 30+ TF/CF and 40+ DA/PA Permanent Homepage Links Huge SALE!

    Can I have the $15 off discount code? Thanks!
  3. noradonis

    Problems with the fees on an aged account

    At the end of the month? It sounds like you're talking about the 10% selling fee. You sold it for $810?
  4. noradonis


    Nice, Steve. Next time you're in Pattaya, 1st Chang beer is on me.
  5. noradonis


    Tourist Visa. You get 2 months, then can extend for another 30 days (90 days total) at immigration. Then I do a hop over to Laos or Cambodia (usually Cambodia... they have a great place called Sihanoukville Beach). I'll stay a day or a week. Whatever I feels... get another Thai Visa in whichever...
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    Nope. 40 something.
  7. noradonis


    Thank you. In the 24 hours or so since I've joined, I've learned a lot, but what's even more interesting is how you get an idea from a post, that leads to another idea and another post, etc. The domino effect is awesome. I feel an addiction has begun, but one that will add to my life, not take...
  8. noradonis


    Sup, Billy. Yes. I live in Pattaya. Been in Thailand for 3 years and absolutely love it (being a devout bachelor helps).
  9. noradonis


    I'm Joe. I'm an American in Pattaya that makes a few dollars online, but I know how little I know. So... I chose here to learn and hopefully in the future... give back. Cheers.
  10. noradonis

    Making Money Online: It All Starts With YOU. (Not Methods. Not Google. YOU.)

    I say... GAWD DAMN..... I needed that. At the same time, this post lights a fire under my ass (which I love because I do well under pressure). This is no cake walk and it's time to man up, son. Thanks for the reality slap. Respect...