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  1. EMAOneBillion

    Can I remove non performing articles from time to time?

    Do you plan to rank on those pages? Do you have a chance to rank on those pages even if you plan to do so? Do these pages have internal links pointing to them? Do these pages have links to other of your important pages? If so, go rewrite them. Otherwise, it would be a huge waste of time...
  2. EMAOneBillion

    Chat GPT is Putting Thousands of People out of Work!

    People are watching too many movies Yea of course we are all amazed by ChatGPT after our first inputs but after a while we got to see that's nothing really impressive there.
  3. EMAOneBillion

    Does Anybody Block Ahrefs Crawler on their Money Sites?

    I do... there's literally no point in having Ahref crawl your website. It's just a waste of CPU usage and you let others analyze your site.
  4. EMAOneBillion

    Thoughts on ?

    And now the big question, will governments allow AI to provide information for the mass public? Wouldn't it be too dangerous? There would be no one to take responsibility for the answers if something goes wrong, it cannot be controlled, and more importantly, no one (maybe very few people) can...
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    Chat gpt - Sorry, it Won't work like that

    Most of the time it is more time consuming to edit the AI content than to write it from 0. And even if you edit something written by AI you have no guarantee it would be 100% unique and authentic. That's a big problem! Mostly I find it to write sentences that are not factually correct nor...
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    Google Does Not Mind About Ai Content, Provided It Is Factual.

    AI is bad for content creation. It could be decent to get some coverage ideas but that's it. If you believe the AI-generated content is "publishable" you either have no idea about the quality content standards or have poor writing and English skills. No offense but that's the truth. Every...
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    Google not index my blog post

    I usually give them a quick rewrite, request manual indexing in GSC and they get indexed in a day or so. If the pages still don't index it could indicate a quality problem with the content.
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    Free keyword rank checker?

    Looks good, will check them. Thanks lots!
  9. EMAOneBillion

    Free keyword rank checker?

    But the free v version lets you track like what, 10 keywords? I need one that lets me track at least 150-200 keywords once in 24 hours.
  10. EMAOneBillion

    Free keyword rank checker?

    Does anyone know a decent keyword rank checker to track like 200 keywords, that's also free?
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    How much of a site authority is transferred in a 301 redirect

    On those sites that recovered the traffic after 10 months, did you use the "Change of address" tool again after the 6-month period? As you know, the "moving site" mark disappear after 6 months.. According to Google, after 6 months it does no longer see any connections between the two domains. So...
  12. EMAOneBillion

    How much of a site authority is transferred in a 301 redirect

    The redirect is live for more than 5 months. Ahref and GSC show most backlinks have been passed but the traffic is still a penny from what was before.
  13. EMAOneBillion

    How much of a site authority is transferred in a 301 redirect

    Hi, I just spoke with @davids355 about this and we were both interested in this question. From your experience, how much of a site authority is transferred in a 301 redirect after doing a domain migration? I'm particularly asking this question because I did a domain change and lost a good...
  14. EMAOneBillion

    Building and ranking a niche website in 2022

    I gave you the website in private. Thanks a lot for doing this!
  15. EMAOneBillion

    Building and ranking a niche website in 2022

    Hi David, I'm working at a website for like the past four years that earned me pretty good money (I actually lived from it for the past two years). However, for the past 6 months, it has been affected by the last Google updates and now the earnings are the lowest ever. It has so much...
  16. EMAOneBillion

    Serprobot - Reducing Bot Capacity ?

    Can you hit me a PM too please?
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    Why Your Sites Are Fucked

    First time when I pressed that like button on a thread (not literally)
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    Brute force, DDOS attacks - How do you prevent such kind of stuff?

    Use complex passwords. Change SSH and MySQL ports (and block the default ones). Change the default login page. Analyze the server logs and see which URLs are receiving the most requests from attackers. Block them if you don't need them. Install Fail2Ban. Set a rate limiting rule (be careful you...