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  1. BlueRox

    Rank social media sites for branded searches for ORM campaign

    I am trying to control the first page for a branded search and I would like to rank the social media sites, particularly Twitter and Instagram. There is a negative article from Reddit that is several years old and gets a steady flow of visitors and probably a good CTR (click through rate)...
  2. BlueRox

    How to grow accounts with "giveaways"?

    I think giveaways still work, but you have to build up an audience with real engagement for it to be successful.
  3. BlueRox

    My Instagram Journey in a ''tough niche''

    Thanks for the post. Is there a risk of getting your account banned once you start scaling up how many people you are following / unfollowing?
  4. BlueRox

    How many followers should I gain per month with posting 2-3 days a week.

    I haven't had much success with just posting consistently and using hashtags. I am trying out automation and having much better success.
  5. BlueRox

    (Question) How does SMM panels work?

    Has to be. How else could they get you 1000 followers instantly.
  6. BlueRox

    Buying accounts? drawbacks?

    Hey good luck with your biz! Out of curiosity, is it a vanity / social proof metric to get clients by having a large social following?
  7. BlueRox

    Best jarvee/mass planner sources

    Is there a way to scrape profiles from your competition with a large following / engagement rate?
  8. BlueRox

    2 question about instagram growth

    How do you set this up with automation? Are you re-posting the same content across all of your 100s/1000s of accounts?
  9. BlueRox

    Jarvee Journey

    Looks like a good strategy. I'm curious as you start scaling up and you are following / liking hundreds of accounts, does this flag Instagram since it no longer looks like a "human" doing the interactions?
  10. BlueRox

    [METHOD] How to create UNIQUE content for Instagram in 5 minutes

    Great tutorial! Haven't seen Photoshop used this way before.
  11. BlueRox

    Jarvee is not stop following people at a certain point error

    Kinda new to this, but I heard Instagram blocks accounts if you follow / unfollow too quickly - Is Jarvee safe to use (maybe start off very conservative and scale up a little each day)?
  12. BlueRox

    Ask me anything about Instagram

    I did a google search for Auto Bot (+instagram) and cant find anything - does it go by something else (do you have the url)? Thanks Have you used / heard of SocialSteeze? Is it worth it?
  13. BlueRox

    Help this newbie, how do I get more ?

    It also needs to look natural, like a person not a bot, otherwise Instagram could ban your account.
  14. BlueRox

    Need help! About Instagram comment likes

    Was it because of his follower count / engagement?
  15. BlueRox

    Reddit-Twitter Master Method: Guide to Massive Traffic

    Jefis, PM me the coupon please and I want to find out about another service you may be able to help me with... thanks