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    ScrapeBox the ULTIMATE SERP Scraper & Auto Blog Commenter with PRStorm Mode

    Do you plan to add Javascript support for contact form submitter? I know, I know, it's socket related but still, you need to fix this. It's pretty limited right now.
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    Aliexpress question - Commission from returning customers ?

    Thought so. But what if the same customer comes again to my store and makes another purchase through my affiliation link, but he will login to his old Alliexpress account ?
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    Aliexpress question - Commission from returning customers ?

    If a customers purchase something trough my affiliation link from aliexpress and next time he goes directly to aliexpress and makes other purchases, do I still receive a commission? I think the answer is NO, but I would like to get a clear answer from someone who is already an active affiliate...
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    [GIVEAWAY] Flashpaste - Speed up your work!

    It's working, I have test it. You can also bypass completely : 1. Go to and download Flashpaste (portable or installer) 2. Register your license :
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    [GIVEAWAY] Flashpaste - Speed up your work!

    It means you can download it and register for free in the next 2 days.
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    [GIVEAWAY] Flashpaste - Speed up your work!

    I found an interesting software that might be useful to some of you. I test it for a few minutes and it's pretty nice. It's completely FREE for the next 2 days, so grab it while it's still available. Best regards. FLASHPASTE Flashpaste provides a powerful and highly effective...
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    I need a wordpress theme from Envato

    Before looking and using nulled themes or plugins, think about this: 1. If you start your online business with a nulled theme, you basically have no respect for your business and your visitors. 2. They are unsafe. 3. No support or future updates. 4. Bad karma. 5. You are stealing from someone...
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    RankSonic: SEO Platform #1 Rank tracking, competitors, site auditor, backlinks...

    BHW2015 coupon is not working. I also tried BHW2016 without any luck. I wanted to purchase a custom flexible package. Thanks.
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    Advanced Rank Tracking Service SERPCloud with Social,SEO metrics and Cloud reporting and more..

    Do you offer any support ? I have sent you an email 1 week ago, no response from you. For testing purposes, I subscribed to the Lite plan. There are 2 main problems : - SEO stats are not working. No data is displayed , just blank fields. - Regarding the scheduled SEO reports. I have setup to...
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    Earn Money with AliExpress Affiliate Program using The Most Powerful Plugin

    Hey Yarosss, can you give us an ETA for the new template? Just to know if I should wait or should I start building a template from scratch. Thanks.
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    Earn Money with AliExpress Affiliate Program using The Most Powerful Plugin

    1. I understand that problem 1, and 2 are related to Aliexpress api, but point 3 has nothing to do with the api. It's template related. All the subcategories and sub-subcategories should be available from the main menu, as drop-down. All my categories are custom, even if I added the proper...
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    Earn Money with AliExpress Affiliate Program using The Most Powerful Plugin

    Hey Yarosss, I just purchased your plugin and test it for a couple of hours. It has potential. I have a few questions for you: 1. Strange random "Page not found error" Sometimes the buy now button redirects to page not found on aliexpress even if 2 minutes ago worked just fine. So a...
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    Please Help with taking down youtube video of an underage girl.

    I wonder how many of you, after reading this thread, have searched on Youtube for "rap bikini girl" :) Now serious.... If you don't have any success taking it down, just post the link here and we will flag the hell out of it. It's crucial to take it down before anyone from her friend circle or...
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    Hostwinds says Yoast SEO plugin uses too much resources on shared hosting

    Is it a nulled Yoiast premium plugin ? If yes, you have your answer.
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    DMCA issue I have , help please

    Just use the search function next time :
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    TurboWeb 2.0 - The Web 2.0 Blogs Network Builder (14 days Free Trial)

    It looks like a polished version of SickSubmitter. I installed the trial version to do some testing for the custom script builder. Well, total failure : 1. I use a second monitor on my notebook, when I run the script builder on my second monitor and use the URL browser I just see a blank...
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    SickSubmitter is dying ???

    It's not dying it's already dead. After 2 years of heavy usage, I will cancel my subscription this week. R.I.P SickSubmitter !
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    THIS JUST IN- Insolent 23-year-old owes Facebook $1.4M for ad ‘scam’

    Yeah... I am a big Justin Bieber fan. Even my dog is named after him...