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    [Freebies] 50 Reddit UPvotes

    Count me in
  2. Zakch93

    Verification selfie submitted

    Nah. I found this video where she says to talk to a FB rep about the account in Business Manager: Do you think it's because I juggle between too many accounts on the same IP? Not like a lot lot but I have like 6-7 (I think I've read 5 is the max but huknows). The main point is do you think...
  3. Zakch93

    Which residential proxy protocol (SOCKS or HTTP) for account creation on affiliate sites and classified ads site?

    It's to register on some affiliate sites that don't accept some countries and classifi-ads sites. Which protocol to choose and explain why )? And please, DO get technical so we can all learn. :) Lastly, is 4g even better? Again, please explain why, technically. Although, I'd be glad to know...
  4. Zakch93

    Verification selfie submitted

    I see, thanks. So it's better to avoid getting it in the first place? I got mine on two occasions, one on an account where I bought hundreds of fake followers and one on a new account with little to no activity. Can you avoid it by growing your account naturally at first and not doing too many...
  5. Zakch93

    Low Value Content Help + Google Ad Manager

    Awesome, thanks! It's info articles mostly, with a couple of money (best/review) posts in there. Well I'll do that, have a good day guys.
  6. Zakch93

    Low Value Content Help + Google Ad Manager

    Yes. My more extended posts are high-value, but the shorter ones I referred to in my last comment are the issue. Curious about how you guys deal with the same issue of "obscure low KD KW filler articles.". Maybe the solution is not to add those until after approval in ad networks. Before that...
  7. Zakch93

    Verification selfie submitted

    Got the verification request. Selfie and a paper with full name, username, and number code. I click on submit after uploading the selfie on my phone, and the button turns from blue to unclickable. Was the selfie submitted correctly? Other questions: How long do they usually take to reply? Do...
  8. Zakch93

    Low Value Content Help + Google Ad Manager

    Thanks, this is helpful. See, the issue is I find these low KD keywords that are like "Willamette National Forest health center for XYZ" or "Triumph Margins" or some made-up name for some obscure centers or programs that are either super new, and there is not much information about, or no one...
  9. Zakch93

    Rejected from Grammarly affiliate program in both their site and Shareasale

    Both times used my accurate info and blog, which is a decent site, but I got rejected. Is it just me? Did they stop accepting affiliates?
  10. Zakch93

    Always say please...

    Always be nice to the robots/AI
  11. Zakch93

    How to have your website articles in all languages like this?

    Example I found (click the language button in the header to switch it): How to do this?
  12. Zakch93

    Our Lead Gen for Gyms Agency + Your leads

    Still up. I can also help if you have an agency.
  13. Zakch93

    Low Value Content Help + Google Ad Manager

    I am applying for GAM through Ezoic. Should I contact their support and ask them to take a look? What about the 500 words filler posts though, did you have those, or do they not like them and I need to hide them from the homepage?
  14. Zakch93

    Our Lead Gen for Gyms Agency + Your leads

    Hey there, We have a digital marketing agency that caters to bringing leads and loyal clients for gyms. We have a team of experienced people who can handle all the delivery, and we want you to come in with your leads. You get a monthly share of our profit for each client that signs up. PM me...
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    Music while working?

    Do you know how music was invented and first came to be? Watch this for educational purposes. It's in English. Some valuable info I've never heard elsewhere:
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