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  1. sixtwofour

    Is anyone making good money with crypto currencies?

    If you think it's hard to make money in crypto right now then you're not meant for it.
  2. sixtwofour

    Raiblocks - 25-30$ is still cheap & it's going to "moon" next week?

    You gotta love all these crytpo "experts" and their beautiful predictions on here.
  3. sixtwofour

    UTK is joining HitBTC next week

    UTK is joining HitBTC next week, now might be a good time to buy and see a decent profit.
  4. sixtwofour


    I'd imagine close to $2 aswell. It's at $1.40 right now on KuCoin, i'm guessing it will start rising after the event and hit around $1.70+... well at least I hope.
  5. sixtwofour

    DENT coin - The Next Big Thing!

  6. sixtwofour

    Fake bittrex ad? How is this craziness even possible?

    Bookmarks help a lot
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    Thanks just invested, looks promising.
  8. sixtwofour

    Thoughts on UTK

    Looks somewhat promising, just wondering what you guys think.
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    Computer botting

    From doing a simple google I have found two things you might be interested in: Vagex - Install it on your pc and browser and it plays youtube videos. Every 22,000 credits is $1, it takes a little bit of time to get credits but your doing absolutely nothing to earn them. Gomez PEER Program -...
  10. sixtwofour

    Looking for Amazon revews - Us Only

    I believe my account is two or three years old. PM me is you're still looking for a review.