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  1. SickJunk

    Monetizing Adult Material?

    100% Correct !
  2. SickJunk

    People of BHW, what ways do you make passive income? serious replies only

    I made a Adult site, built it into a good income by only using Rev-share "Don't use Pay Per sale". Then I use that income and invest in "Peer To Peer Lending". - Big Fish ... PM me if you need links.
  3. SickJunk

    Hello want to be next porn king

    Content is King, make sure you work on only one topic and master it. eg .. Big Boobed Milfs. Talk to other webmasters and ask from traffic trading. Most webmasters will not trade unless you are the same rank or higher on "Alexa Traffic Ranking". I hope this helps you.
  4. SickJunk

    The safest way to put an adult link on Instagram?

    The save way I put my porn site into Instagram is by putting my URL on the picture and to have my URL in my account profile. Other than that I wouldn't put direct links on a post. I had too many accounts closed right after I put links into a post... PM me if you want advice on Porn Sites.
  5. SickJunk

    Ad words or FB ads to begin?

    Google Ads ! by far.
  6. SickJunk

    Adult Website Looking for Link exchange/trade

    I'm willing to take a look !, can you PM me your sites please ?
  7. SickJunk

    Adult website looking to trade traffic

    I'm willing to hear you out :) , PM me with your sites please, I will take a look.
  8. SickJunk

    New Here ! Just saying Hi

    Thanks for the welcome Script... To answer your question,First I have found that knowing your target audience is critical. 2nd is to be specialized, everyone has access to free porn so just posting random porn on your site doesn't work as good anymore. You have to pick one topic and specialize...
  9. SickJunk

    New Here ! Just saying Hi

    Hi everyone, I'm new to BlackHat but I have been in the adult business for about 20-years. Lots have changed in those 20 years but what has not changed, is people helping other people make tons of money. I love to hear from you, I'm not sure if I can post my site here, so I will not. Can...