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  1. allan.d

    Translating articles from English to my MOTHER language using Deepl (I'll proofread) - Will Google ban my website?

    The risk is always there. I have a friend doing this for years but never got penalized. he translates it with googole translate :D
  2. allan.d

    Re: Indexing problem solved

    free or $10 not so important. Just get the fcuking SSL :P
  3. allan.d

    ⭐⭐⭐ ▶️[HQ] Instagram and Twitter Aged / Old Account Sales ⭐⭐⭐

    I would like to have a review copy account. the older the account he better it is :)
  4. allan.d

    (NEW 2023) $50-100/day Easy with this new NO INVESTMENT method

    Some hints would be appreciated. like, which social media? Ps. Would be nice to see some reviews from reputable members.
  5. allan.d

    Re: Indexing problem solved

    spend $10 on a SSL ffs
  6. allan.d

    Virtual cards for online-advertising (Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc.) / From $10 per card /

    This is a review from a PAID member Today i created an account and received 2 cards from @EPN I used the card to make 2 payments on same merchant (None of the merchant mentioned on the OP) and it went smooth. Customer service very good. I hope they keep this service like this as it is very...
  7. allan.d

    BTC is in a bullish pattern. I believe we continue to $30-$35k range before the next actual dip. Place your bets! What are your plays?

    Chances to reach $1k are 1/100. Bets are open btw 1/100 for BTC to reach $1k again. Minimum bet $1k. ;)
  8. allan.d

    Forum vs blog, which rank better

    Forums are nice parasites. they instantly index and rank your posts
  9. allan.d

    How to make money without investment ?

    You need skills and working hard
  10. allan.d

    Help for ChatGPT Pro

    My account say that chat GPT is on full capacity. Will notify when they get back later. Anyone experiencing same issue?
  11. allan.d

    Twitter will share ad revenue with creators

    brace yourself guys. Spam level will go to Mars now
  12. allan.d

    Just joined - who else is interested in PR & SEO?

    Did i mention anywhere that SEO is the best to convert?! I just said that most of the members in this forum are interested in SEO. And btw SEO is among the bests to convert if you sell SEO services and dont use it for your own sites :)
  13. allan.d

    Just joined - who else is interested in PR & SEO?

    Most of the forum members are interested in SEO ;)
  14. allan.d

    Does anybody use OpenAI GPT-3 (used by ChatGPT) for autoblogging?

    I guess you know about OpenAI now that ChatGpt-3 became famous lol OpenAi has been here for years. Everyone who has some programing skills or a budget to hire a Dev can use OpenAi API. No rocket science needed. ChatGPT-3 is something different offered by OpenAi.
  15. allan.d

    ❤️[Ongoing Journey]❤️ Scaling a website from ✅ $500/m to ▶️ $5k with ⭐Display Ads and ⭐Affiliate Offers

    Congrats on reaching $500/month and wish you success on the road to $5k
  16. allan.d

    Does high DA helps to rank higher ?

    Quality links from authority websites on your niche will help you for sure