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  1. leechesBleechin

    Is it Legal to buy a youtube channel?

    I looked into this a couple of times. In all cases, it's completely legal, But in certain cases, it's against the TOS as others have said. Personal accounts = always against TOS to transfer Brand accounts = if it's registered under a business name it's considered a business asset and can be...
  2. leechesBleechin

    Are AI content detectors real?

    You can tell ChatGPT to not write in those patterns, it's well aware it does it. Results may vary, But it seems pretty good at masking itself if you ask it too.
  3. leechesBleechin

    I will probably get BANNED from BHW ...."The EASIEST and HARDEST ways to make $$$ ONLINE" My 2 cents

    Seems pretty dead on to me these days. It's not nearly as easy now to throw up a site and start banking as it used to be. Sneeze in the wind and suddenly your website disappears from an update, or some low-effort AI page magically outranks everyone, or some big company decides to break into your...
  4. leechesBleechin

    Is BlackHat dead?

    As long as there exists rules there exists people who wish to bend and break them
  5. leechesBleechin

    Where do you store your site backups?

    Can never have too many backups, and i keep them *everywhere*. And every time i read a thread like this i get an impulse to make another batch of backups, so guess that's what I'll be doing today :P
  6. leechesBleechin

    Which Theme is Your 2nd Choice After Generatepress?

    It depends on the type of site I'm doing tbh. Sometimes i start off with Fairy and see where it goes from there (if generate press isn't appropriate for the site). Theres nothing special about fairy, i just like it's simple look.
  7. leechesBleechin

    What changes you expect in Twitter now ?

    Uncensored trending stats will be nice
  8. leechesBleechin

    I want to become a Billionaire, currently I own $1.25 on paypal

    Can't even buy a lotto ticket, paypal fees make sure of that
  9. leechesBleechin

    Do you want to become a billionaire?

    My circle of friends has a long-running joke that by the time any of us "make it" it will be the end of the world and we will only be rich for 1~ day before everything implodes. I purpose this is actually a true reality and every time i start to succeed, the world gets shitier. So yes, fellow...
  10. leechesBleechin

    Are one-click to root Android device apps safe?

    You know it brotha. China cloud got so many leechin' dick pics, its no longer the cloud, But the endowed
  11. leechesBleechin

    Are one-click to root Android device apps safe?

    I ordered a mi phone a few years ago from a licensed dealer and they pre-installed kingroot (Gota love china). Worked fine, Always sketched me out tho. Could never fully get rid of it since every time I would reformat the phone it was in the files. Never did any harm though. Google was always...
  12. leechesBleechin

    rank math or yoast seo which one do you prefer?

    I hate trends, so i use seo framework
  13. leechesBleechin

    Is it possible to manage 100,000 websites?

    By hiring 10,000 people to manage them. Not sure i understand the question. If you mean hierarchically speaking, Probably your typical organization style (teams, managers, manager managers, etc)
  14. leechesBleechin

    The iPhone 14 won't have a physical SIM - Dealbreaker !!

    Im surprised they don't just sell wifi enabled screens and stream the phone part yet xD
  15. leechesBleechin

    Deleted an SMS thinking it was a scam, but was a reminder for an appointment I made few months ago and now they booted my off the registry for missing

    Stop slapping your phone number into every form that asks for it might be a good start. Might be time to invest in a verification phone for online use and keep your real phone separated. Also probably read the messages before deleting them.
  16. leechesBleechin

    Do you drink filter water or tap water?

    What ever water comes with my coffee
  17. leechesBleechin

    How often do you go for Vacations

    I never understood the purpose. I have a friend who spends thousands upon thousands of dollars every year to go on her 2-3 vacations a year and she always comes back more flustered and anxiety-ridden than when she left. Between airline and travel drama to expense and wallet fatigue, then...
  18. leechesBleechin

    Semrush is pounding my server with 100k requests a day, beware of semrush, block them

    In the past, I've been bombarded by many overzealous tools. Most don't get bad enough to worry about though. My sites aren't usually millions of pages thick either though.