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  1. deface

    A special FUCK YOU to Google, please contribute and share!

    Im not installing any google products on my desktop. Thanks for your info.
  2. deface

    [METHOD] Get dozen Web 2.0 backlinks using Posterous Method

    Old method. But still very effective. Google indexed posterous site very fast. I have a few blog i have create on posterous and end up with all my account getting banned from these site because spamming the hell out.
  3. deface

    What's the best way to tell a girl you love her for the first time?

    All the people replying to this, are not serious! Is this a topic worth discussing? Quietly slids out of the silly thread. NONSENSE!!!
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    Get Unlimited Free Email List's Quick - 50,000 Plus A Day [METHOD]

    not sure but this method was shared before probably in 09'.
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    [Free to Try] Facebook Non-PVA($0.25+) and PVA($1+) Account Creation 24*7 Online Service

    What is the different between PVA , Profiled-PVA and Detail-Profiled-PVA ?
  6. deface

    Where can I get a script like that?

    sorry, wrong posting.
  7. deface

    The best way to index forum Profiles that really work?

    use gmail tricks and it worked very fine for me.
  8. deface

    The Article Scraper V3 With TBS $197 Software Free For *BHW*

    It seems like i cant use this software, it says : compiled bot has stopped working. im using win7 32bit. how to solve this problem?
  9. deface

    Earn $6 from - crazy client

    haha :D:D
  10. deface

    Please can somebody tell me the best guide for a complete CPA beginner

    zero friction marketing good too, for beginners...
  11. deface

    Scammed by eufozp

    so many scammer nowdays....
  12. deface

    Easiest Way To Make Money, EVER!

    i got an idea after reading this thread! but i dont want you and other people know what is it...since this market is "untapped"..wink2 ;)
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    Youtube, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo accounts - Highest quality for lowest price

    super fast! highly recommend.just place an order today then after 30 minutes got it. amazing lol.all emails working just fine.
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    HELP ME COME UP with a DJ name - WIN $10!!

    DJ Hoax DJ Yummy DJ Cheezy DJ Monik DJ Smirk DJ Mondo DJ Mojo DJ Nixee DJ Nuke DJ Jezify DJ DeeDee
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    [GET] WebHarvey 1.0 Cracked by Loxy

    mirror please?
  16. deface

    Getting scraped, how to stop it?

    IMHO.u cant stop it.
  17. deface

    See the Old Blackhatworld!!

  18. deface

    Autoblog pro wanted!

    i will charge $40 to set-up autoblog blog for you and make some tweak on your theme. what type of autoblog you want? 1.CPA? 2.Adsense? 3.Clickbank? i will give you my example autoblog site. no no,im not promote my site here,but if you already interested just pm me.i will give my sample site first.