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  1. terrycody

    I found tiktok stitch method

    what a technology mad...
  2. terrycody

    Tinder and bumble : face cloaking

    I guess you can at least try it, but it won't ensure 100% success rate.
  3. terrycody

    Tinder and bumble : face cloaking

    Good share! I heard similar image cloaking thing on news but no idea if that is this software you shared here. Does it work on Windows 7? It only shows windows 10.
  4. terrycody

    Only USB drive can access a website, HOW?

    Also, by simply searching "password" in wordpress repository, this plugin is popular: It has many good features I want, It even has a common feature everyone could need it at some time: Partial Content Protection Partial Content...
  5. terrycody

    Only USB drive can access a website, HOW?

    Yeah such plugins are required too, btw, your 1st plugin recommend is really good, this is a must, I haven't checked which plugins needed yet, but this one is a must. I don't know what 2nd one did, seems a lot of mess lol. I guess another one I would need is "password" restricted content, say...
  6. terrycody

    Only USB drive can access a website, HOW?

    Yeah that thing could be exist, that is the ultimate answer of this problem. For a Lite version solution, after searched hours I think it is either via a Yubikey to do 2FA for end users, let them type the website URL and input username and password, then plug the Yubikey to verify, then pass...
  7. terrycody

    Only USB drive can access a website, HOW?

    After check a bit, I think this can be done, ONLY BY A PRODUCT called: U3 flash drive. There are some companies selling these products, I guess this maybe the final answer. Or one can make self U3 flash drive through normal flash drive, its a bit complicated though, the guide is here...
  8. terrycody

    Only USB drive can access a website, HOW?

    Yes, I guess this it is, but no idea where to find the made products. BTW, I checked Yubikey a bit, it can be done, well somewhat, via 2FA authentication, first you need go to website login, input account and password, then it will prompt you plug the USB drive, then you grab the Yubikey drive...
  9. terrycody

    Only USB drive can access a website, HOW?

    Hey guys! Recently, a friend of mine ask for if this can be done for Wordpress website, like: only if you have the specified USB drive and then can access a website, either first type the website URL and plug in the USB drive, or After plug in the USB drive and then the website will be openned...
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    ⚡⚡ FREE TRIAL ⚡⚡ Crowd Marketing - Unleash The Power Of Forum Discussion + Quora + Q/A Links ❇️ GUARANTEED TRAFFIC

    My honest review: I received 5 test links as a review copy. To my surprise, the quality is one of the best ones I've ever seen in the forum - at least for forum commenting. OP really did a very good job to find niche related threads, each one with different contextual text and anchors, niche...
  11. terrycody

    Remastering Video Games using AI?

    I don't think that smart thing exist, yet, GPT-3 can make simple games now, but far from rewrite code bases.
  12. terrycody

    Is this the future of websites?

    I guess in terms of amazing effects, WebGL now can do 100% Flash did in the past? I don't know. If so, that would be a good news.
  13. terrycody

    Do not use Omega indexer

    Don't panic, even they used spammy links, mostly your website won't got affected, Google should ignore those links, you can stop using them.
  14. terrycody

    How to create a website like this?

    input URL into and see what it is using. Btw, I think it is a simple wordpress website.
  15. terrycody

    How can I handle device fingerprinting effectively?

    But why you want to do things in such a deep level? Is Google chasing you? Because for different predators, they may look into different things combined... You don't always need to buy new devices, ONLY if you do illegal stuff.
  16. terrycody

    I want change wordpress url articles in bulk

    You can do this by change the permalink structure, e.g. now change from Post-name to date-post-name, etc. But after you did this, your ranking will change dramatically.
  17. terrycody

    Is this Google spam update?

    what it shows when you do on Google?